GoPro is an American manufacturer of action cameras, often used in extreme-action videography, such as sports, stunts, riding, surfing, skydiving. They can also be used for just general first-person video shots. Being so widely used around the world, there are going to be some crazy moments caught on video and Mr. Nightmare collected 8 of the best that could find on the internet. In the videos are presented 8 horrifying scenarios like:

  1. Bridge collapsing
  2. US Soldier attacked in Afghanistan
  3. Mountain snow fail
  4. Buenos Aires thief,try to steal in public the backpack and the gopro camera
  5. Brazilian thief that is trying to steal a bike is caught by an officer
  6. Hungarian hooligans fight with romanian security
  7. 2 planes with some skydivers have an accident
  8. Small plane is forced to crash into the ocean

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