I’ve heard about Thassos from some friends, the white stones, gold beaches, white beaches, wild beaches, old homes, the endless Aegean sea and very nice mountains inside of the island. Today I’ll be sharing with you our travel diary of the visit to the island with some tips along the way. This was our first time in Thassos and it was a relatively not very short stay, (8 days), so I am by no means an expert. I did, however, have an incredible time so I’m sharing what I can so you can have an even better time!

For the beginning, I want to say a few words about Thassos and Greece.

About Thassos:

Thasos or Thassos (Greek: Θάσος) is a Greek island, geographically part of the North Aegean Sea, but administratively part of the Kavala regional unit. It is the northernmost Greek island and 12th largest by area. Thasos is also the name of the largest town of the island (officially known as Limenas Thasou, “Port of Thasos”), situated at the northern side, opposite the mainland and about 10 kilometers (6 mi) from Keramoti. Thassos island is a known from the ancient times for its termae making it a climatic and balneoclimateric resort area.

Road & Acces to the island:

The route from Romania to Greece was like this (686 km ~ 9,5h):

Slatina -> Craiova -> Vidin -> Montana -> Berkovitsa -> Sofia -> Dupnika -> Blagoevgrad -> Sandanski -> Kulata -> Fort Roupel -> Sidirokastro -> Serres -> Nea Zichni -> Eleftheroupoli -> Kavala -> Chrysoupoli -> Keramoti

I choose the direct acces to the ferry port from Keramoti to Limenas (Thassos Town),because is the shorter, faster, cheaper, more popular and most frequent route with a journey time of just 40 minutes and also for the feeding of the gulls (like in the images they are everywhere around the ferry).

Thassos Beaches Map

After your departure in Limenas, you need to exit from the city and go on your city/beach .

So after I choose Potos like a destionation I need to travel another 43 km like this:

Limenas -> Skala Rachionou -> Prinos -> Skala Sotiros -> Skala Kallirachis -> Skala Marion -> Limenaria -> Perfkari -> Potos

In total I drive ~12 hours for a total of 741 km.

The Village & Hotel:
In my case was Potos, a wonderful sea-side village and beach resort on the island’s southern coast. During the Summer, this village is a very popular holiday destination among tourists, especially for the younger and energetic age groups. Young families tend to enjoy coming here as well due to the excellent facilities and younger crowds.

The hotel was with the same name: Hotel Potos and you can read my review or anothers on the link.

The narrow streets of the hotel are lined with shops, restaurants, snack bars, cafés and bars while cars and motorbikes are limited to only a few roads in town. After a long day at the beach, tourists fill the streets and walkways in the evening to do some shopping, followed by a search for a good venue where they can enjoy a cool drink or tasty meal next to the beach and watch the sun set on the horizon, and then party the night away at the numerous bars and night clubs. You can read more about it here.

Hotel potos
Potos Hotel

But to stay in Potos it wasn’t enough for us and our target was to see as more as we can from the most beautiful places from Thassos. In the period that we have we visited places like:

Best Beaches to visit in Thassos ↓

“Vathi Beach”

Vathi is a magnificent beach with emerald waters and trees surrounding it. It is quiet and remote. It is not an organized beach and the access from the land is difficult via a dirt-road from Makryammos. It’s a beach or great resort for crafts and you can visit it easily by taxi boat. It is located in the northeastern part of the island.
Porto vathy beach (2) (Copy)
“Thymonia Beach”

Thymonia is located in the southeastern part of Thassos between Alyki and the monastery of Archangel Michael. Its distance from Limenas is 32km and 16km from Poto.

It is a quiet rocky beach ideal for fishing. The beach is not organized, so it is suggested that you have the appropriate equipment. By the shore you will discover an ancient extant circular tower at an impressive height with an external diameter of 15m.

“Kekes Beach”

Kekes Beach is one of the smallest beach but the rocks from where you can jump in the clearly water are awesome. You should try it because is at 2 km from Thymonia Beach.

“Trypiti Beach”

Trypiti is a large beach in the northern part of the island. Its distance from Limenaria is 3km and 35km from Limenas. Its name is attributed to a hole on a rock that joins the sea with a little harbor.

The sandy with pebbles beach is organized and easily accessible. Its waters are clear and ideal for diving and swimming underwater.

“Marble Beach”

Saliara (Marble Beach) is a small exotic beach in the northern side of Thassos. It is 5km far from Limenas.

The beach is magnificent with white small pebbles and with a splendid color in the waters. It is an organized beach that it is really popular during the last few years.

In order to go to Saliara follow the route to Makryammos. Just before the entrance of the hotel turn on your left in the dirt road. The road is wide and it has been improved enough, but you have to be careful. At the beach there is a parking area.

“Porto Vathi”

Porto Vathy Marble Beach is a paradise with turquoise waters, sandy beach and pine trees that reach the sea.

The decoration in white colors, totally in tune with the white marble and the green olives makes Porto Vathy Marble beach ideal place for relaxation.

In Porto Vathy Marble Beach you can enjoy refreshing cocktails, coffees, freshly squeezed juices, large selection of beers and spirits and tasty salads. In Porto Vsthy Marble Beach there is a fully equipped restaurant.

Porto Vathy Marble Beach came to give you passion to your summer vacations.

“Paradise Beach”

Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thassos. It was named after the exotic beauty and the forest that surrounds it.
It is located in the eastern part of Thassos and it is 22km far from Limenas. The closest village is Kinira in a distance of 2km.
The shore is sandy with shoal waters and with frequent waves. The sea color is green and blue that reminds of tropical places.

Paradise Beach comprises an organized beach with many facilities such as deck-chairs, table boards and taverns as well as a beach volley court. In the past it was a beach for nudists, since it is not discernible from the road. However, the naturists usually swim in the margin without causing annoyance.

The access is in particular easy and there are three parking places. You can park next to the main road or follow the earthen paths that lead to the shore. The earthen alleys are eay in access by cars.

“Skala Potamia Beach”

Chrisi Akti along with Chrisi Ammoudia comprise the largest beach on the island. It is about the beach of Skala Potamia. It is located in the eastern side of the island and it is 13km far from Limenas. Its name comes from the colour that is reflected on the sand by the sunlight.

The beach, with shoal waters is ideal for families with kids, well organized and easily accessible. Last but not least, it has obtained a blue flag.

“Aliki Beach”

Alykes are at the northeastern side of Thassos in a distance of 32km from Limenas.

There are two gulfs in Alyki with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters. Its gulfs are used as well as natural harbors from small fishing boats. The beach in the western side is a place of great resort and organized with lots of taverns that serve ouzo. The eastern beach is more quiet and not so busy. Next to the beaches there is a peninsula of archaeological interest, ideal for hiking.

It is said that during the antiquity, it was the kingdom of Alyki with large population and a big port. The ancient hamlet has a particular archaeological interest as well as two old paleochristian basilicas and a quarry of marble. Probably, a great earthquake was the reason of the abrupt evacuation in Alykes. In 1896, excavations revealed a well preserved Kouros that is exhibited in the museum of Istanbul.


Giola is a natural rocky pool that is located in the region of Astris. The height of the rocks reaches up to 8m from where the swimmers can dive into the clear waters. The course towards Giola is tough and you will have to walk.

In order to arrive at Giola, drive from Potos to Astris. After the hotel Aeria you will find a sign indicating to Sirens. Turn left and follow the dirt-road. After a while you will get to a beach. There, you can park your vehicle since the route becomes tougher. Ascend the road on your left, whose end you can park your car as well. From that spot, descend towards the shore. There are many signs and signals with arrows showing the direction. It is recommended that you a high four-engined or an off-road vehicle. The overall distance from the main road is about 2km.

“Archangel Michael Monastery”

The monastery of Archangel Michael is located in the south eastern part of Thassos and is 33km far from Limenas. It is built on a cliff above the sea surface with a view of the Aegean Sea and Athos(Agio Oros). It is a nunnery depended spiritually on the monastery of Philotheos in Athos(Agio Oros). In, the holy monastic community it is treasured a piece of the Holy Nail, part of the nails of the Crucifixion of Christ.

We do not know exactly the date of the monastery’s foundation, but there is a reference about it at an official paper of 1287. In 1835, some repairs took place as it is revealed on an inscription at the western side of the temple. The first nuns and a monk from the monastery of Philotheos settled in 1974 and worked very hard in order to transform the previously remote monastery.

The Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael made a great fortune from worshipers’ donations. Owing to an abalienated law in 1927, the property of the monastery was divvied to 72 peasants..

“Pefkari Beach”

Pefkari is located in southern side of Thassos, just 1km from Poto. Its distance from Limenas is 39km.

It is an organized beach with sand and pebbles. It has been awarded with a blue flag. The beach’s name comes from a pine forest in the region. Pefkari is famous for its water sports while along the beach you will find a lot of taverns and restaurants.

“Limenas beach”

Limenaria beach (2) (Copy)
Arsanas/Astpas Beach
Arsanas beach is located in the northeastern part of the island, next to the Livadi beach. It was the boat-yard of the monastery of Archangel Michael.

The beach has pebbles and stones while its waters are cold owing to the springs of the region.

The access in Arsanas is difficult. You can go there by following the dirt road in Livadi, by swimming or by boat.

“Other Beaches”
For the other beaches we only stopped for a photo. We are not going on them, just make a photo from the distance.


Main activities on the island are water sports like: Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Yachting, Fishing, or Cruising the deep blue Aegean sea. But you have also a mountain there where to practice: Cycling, offroad with rented JEEP cars or ATV’s, walking and hiking or just to visit main cultural places like monasteries, castles, olive oil factories, olive picking or honey production. At the link you can find presented all the main activities of the island.

Riding an ATV videos in Thassos:
The video is unavailable in this moment. Check my youtube channel for updates!

Snorkelling videos in Thassos:
Skorkelling in Paradise Beach – The video is unavailable in this moment. Check my youtube channel for updates!

Biking videos in Thassos:
Biking in Thassos – The video is unavailable in this moment. Check my youtube channel for updates.

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