Essentially, I was interested in three things to be activated with DDT4ALL - a “polite turn signal”, turning on my motor temperature and change the lower limit of the RPM of the oil pressure sensor. HSA it was the last necessity because I have a manual transmission and my wife using the car, turning on the gauges backlight when starting the engine can be forgotten because in the evening you can forget to turn on the dipped beam, and so the dark gauges will "remind" you. Below you'll find also other good modifications. View More Dacia LOGAN / SANDERO / DOKKER DDT4ALL HIDDEN FEATURES

Renault Kwid Racer

If Renaultsport did crossovers, the Kwid racer would be it – but only for markets outside Europe

You probably aren’t too familiar with the Renault Kwid. And even if you were, it probably wouldn’t be on the shopping list of many evo readers: as a crossover-styled supermini, it’s less exoti…

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