“You Got the Love” is a 1986 single by Candi Staton. It was then remixed by The Source and re-released in 1991 as ‘The Source and Candi Staton’. In 2008, the song was covered by English soul singer Joss Stone for her fourth studio album, Colour Me Free!, released in October 2009. In November 2009, another cover version was released as a single by English indie rock band Florence and the Machine. The Now Voyager Remix of the song was used for the theme tune of live Football League coverage on Sky Sports until the start of the 2014-15 season.

The original version is a soul/disco/gospel track (released in the UK by Streetwave in 1986) written by Anthony B. Stephens, Arnecia Michelle Harris and John Bellamy. It featured an a cappella version utilised by Paul Simpson for a remix of the Adeva song “Musical Freedom” in 1989. The original Candi Staton track had been recorded for a video-only 1980s documentary about an obese man who was trying to lose weight. When approached by The Source, Candi said she couldn’t remember having recorded a song called “You Got the Love”. It was only later that she realised she had performed the song years earlier for the documentary. The producers of the video had selected the song for her to sing, but as they had no funds to pay her, they donated half of the copyright and publishing to Candi.

The Candi Staton a cappella was originally mixed over an instrumental version of the Frankie Knuckles/Jamie Principle house song “Your Love”, (a stripped down version of the 1982 italo-disco track “Feels Good (Carrots and Beets)” by Electra) by John Truelove (later to record as The Source) on his 1989 release ‘Love/Rock’ on a track titled ‘Untitled (You Got The Love / Your Love)’. This bootleg release was a recording of John mixing the two pieces of vinyl together. A more polished version was re-released 2 years later, again by John Truelove, called ‘You Got The Love (Erens Bootleg Mix)’. This version was mixed in the studio by Eren Abdullah. Another popular remix is the Now Voyager Mix from 1996. This version of the track was used on the series finale of the HBO drama series Sex and the City “An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux”.

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