Here She Comes Again is a beautiful song about a woman who has a great pain because of something that happened in the past. She cannot act like it didn’t, she has this pain in herself and it doesn’t matter where she is, she will always carry u with herself but she never tells anything about it.

The line “here she comes again” witch is the songs title too can mean, that she can be anywhere and with anyone, she is not really there, she keeps about something else she can’t forget. She is all alone in herself and don’t even try to ask for help.

After the line “do you wanna know what’s killing her inside?” it seems like many of her friends or boyfriends (I don’t think this girl has a boyfriend, probably just one night affairs) had the chance to make her tell what happened to her but none of them really wanted to know it, none of them “dared to walk the alleys of her mind”. So she is always alone, covered up in black (in sorrows and fears), and some of her friend want to help her, but won’t, because they fear the horrors she maybe have seen.

In the last verse it says “Will you take her home and tell her she’ll be fine” and that makes me think that she would really need somebody to just take care of her and love her truly, but nobody will.

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