“Miracles” is a single by Pet Shop Boys, released in 2003. It was the first single, and one of two new songs, from their 2003 singles compilation, PopArt. It achieved moderate airplay on the radio and peaked at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart. It was co-written by Drum & Bass musicians, Fresh (real name Dan Stein), and Adam F.

Orchestration was conducted by Anne Dudley, who would later work on Pet Shop Boys’ 2006 album Fundamental alongside past musical collaborator Trevor Horn.

“Miracles” Remixes were produced by Lemon Jelly and Eric Prydz.

The music video, directed by Howard Greenhalgh, reportedly cost nearly £100,000.[citation needed] It primarily shows human figures interacting with cascades of water and milk, captured in intricate detail by the slow-motion footage (Greenhalgh also made extensive use of water in the video for “Congo” (1997) by Genesis). The buildings on the background include Calatrava’s Gare do Oriente and others from the Nations’ Park area in Lisbon.

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