Saturnz Barz is a song from ’s fourth album, Humanz. It was released on March 23, 2017. It features Jamaican Dancehall Reggae artist, Popcaan.

A tired Russel goes to the bedroom (where he falls asleep), 2-D goes to the kitchen to find a fridge full of food that opens just as he walks in the room, Murdoc goes to the bathroom (where he takes a bath), and Noodle goes into the basement where she finds a record player and some vinyl records. As they all partake in their activities, Noodle plays one of the records, then the haunting and the song begin.

2-D finds a large cake which he proceeds to eat while a plastic golf figurine comes alive and says, “Press a button to begin” to the viewer. Murdoc sinks underwater in the bathtub, entering a euphoric state of mind as he floats nude in space. Meanwhile, Russel is tormented by a black snake-like creature with a large head, many arms, one eye, and a small arm where its other eye should be. Noodle is constricted by a cycloptic worm-like creature. While this is happening, food begins launching out of the fridge, knocking 2-D back and eventually shoving itself down his throat, with the implication that the food itself is haunted.

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