“Doncamatic” is a single by British alternative band Gorillaz. The features British singer Daley. The single was released on 21 November 2010 via digital download, with a physical release following the next day.
For a time, amazon.co.uk listed a re-release of Plastic Beach including “Doncamatic” as a bonus track, but this was never released.The music video premiered worldwide on 15 November 2010 on Myspace. The video features a live-action Daley in a one-man submarine, on his journey to join Gorillaz and the rest of the collaborators on Plastic Beach.

2D, dressed as a sailor, can be seen on a small screen inside the submarine during the “talk to me” portions of the song, as if he is trying to contact Daley. Daley travels all around the ocean to find Plastic Beach, seeing different kinds of fish, even the Superfast Jellyfish like in the “On Melancholy Hill” music video, also featured in Stylo, and Superfast Jellyfish. He also finds the wreckage of the M. Harriet.

At the end of the video, he travels around the island underwater and rises up on the surface, finally arriving at Plastic Beach. The track’s title refers to the Korg Disc Rotary Electric Rhythm Machine Donca Matic DA-20. It was the very first rhythm machine manufactured by Korg. A later version of this machine can be seen built onto the right side of the contraption behind Daley.

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