Opus is a very good album from Eric Prydz. What can’t be said about about him? As far as electronic musicians are concerned, there’s few artists that can even compare to the Swedish DJ/producer. To progressive music (and I mean, REAL progressive house) he attains the same status that Paul Van Dyk or Armin Van Buuren have for trance; he is the king, the G.O.A.T.. His unwavering dedication to his and his utter disregard for any current industry trends have earned him unanimous respect, and his consistency throughout the years, both with his his self titled and side projects, Pryda and Cirez D.

Simply put, there’s and then there’s Eric Prydz. No amount of distorted grimey, filth filled bassline or over, stimulated, off key, bigroom, cheap thrills can match the elation of singing along to the chorus of “Generate” or the flawless atmospheric build into the main hook of “Every Day”. It’s not even just the elite, masterclass level of production expertise that Prydz brings to make every single note of every  used, but it’s the emotional connection that mixes with the music to create something truly extraordinary. Opus won’t start a revolution, but it’s Prydz at his very best, which is something that all electronic fans should experience.

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