“The Big Big Beat” is  Banks at her most undeniable: Her are out for blood and zoned-in, matching the vigor of a pounding beat behind her, listing off all the ways she’s better than you before a characteristically excellent vocal run. Like the confident club visions of 2012’s Fantasea outfitted in the incandescence of Broke With Expensive ‘s “Miss Amor,” “The Big Big Beat” is in-your-face impressive, filled with the kind of lush braggadocio the 24-year-old rapper has cut down to a formula. The big big beat in question, provided by California producer An Expresso, taps into a flexible, Detroit house mode—a near-perfect stage for Banks’ winding flow and massive vocals. Off a supposedly forthcoming mixtape, “The Big Big Beat” is the type of track that’s capable of filling dancefloors in seconds, proof that a cavalcade of controversy isn’t nearly enough to squander real talent.

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