visiontab-s800tab-8-inch-8gb-android-black-7c912747c6ef942dd1cb9907700e1029-e1518974120663 Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix [SERIOUX S800TAB] Gear Hacks Hacks & Soft Software Hacks

I have a tablet since 2013 and I am pretty sure that you have been encountered the issue of your tablet to get stuck on the logo or in another loading phase, so on Blogtechtips I’ve found the solution to this very annoying and prevalent issue on Android tablets.

The Issue in detail

The problem usually is looking like this: you try to boot up your tablet and the tablet reaches the Android logo and hangs there forever. If you attempt to restart or reset the tablet through the Android recovery mode that too does not help and the tablet is basically useless as it will not start-up.
ANDROID-LOADING-TAB-BLOCKED-1024x811 Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix [SERIOUX S800TAB] Gear Hacks Hacks & Soft Software Hacks

Tablet Stuck on Android Boot Logo

Why is my tablet stuck on the Android Screen?

The issue is caused by a corrupted or none functioning Android operating system and the only way to get your device back to a functional state is to reflash the original firmware or a compatible version.

This will work on any Android tablet with the issue, and the solution it was tested on SERIOUX S800TAB but is working also for lldaymall A13 MID, Irulu AK304…

For applying the solution you will need:

1. A MicroSD Card.

2. A device interface to read the MicroSD card to the PC/a MicroSD Card to USB converter

3. Your Tablets Firmware:

4. FOLLOW the tutorial from the link ↓

How to Fix your tablet that is Stuck on the Android Logo?

1. You will need to get the relevant items from the list above that includes the MicroSD card, the SDCard adapter,phoenix card tool and your appropriate firmware for your model tablet. I have also included a video that actually shows you what to do step by step so it would help greatly for you to watch that along with this guide.

2. For reference and the sake of this guide I will be referring to the Alldaymall A13 MID tablet but remember that this will work on any similar looking tablet despite the brand. You will first need to open the Alldaymall tablet and look at the motherboard and copy the board ID number so that you can find the specific firmware. My Alldaymall A13 MID motherboard ID number was: Q8-V12 and using the website above I searched and found the appropriate firmware. Once you find your ID number you can do the same and find the appropriate firmware.

The other solution if you are not comfortable with opening up your tablet would be to try my specific firmware or others until you find the correct one.

3. Connect the MicroSD card to the computer using the adapter and Extract the downloaded Phoenix Tool and open the folder and find the green Phoenix tool icon that looks like a folder and click it. From here it should look like this:
tablet stuck on android screen

PHOENIXCARD-SOFTWARE Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix [SERIOUX S800TAB] Gear Hacks Hacks & Soft Software Hacks

Under Disk make sure that the drive letter of your MicroSD card is displayed, you will now need to unzip or unRaR your Firmware file and use the IMG button in Phoenix tool to browse for the file and select it. Make sure that write mode is set to Product and hit the button that says format to normal. After formatting completes then hit clear to get rid of the notifications and then Burn. Allow the process to complete and then when finished remove the MicroSD card.

Trouble shooting Phoenix Card tools Issues

If for some reason the phoenix card tool is giving you issues or errors try the following:

Manually format the MicroSD card from windows
Change the SD card that you are using it might be faulty
Re download the Firmware file or try another

4. Insert the MicroSD card into the tablet that is stuck on the Android screen and power on the tablet. There is nothing that you will need to do now but sit back and allow the bootable MicroSD card to automatically format or flash your tablet. It might take a little time to get started at first but allow it to do its thing and finish completely.

5. Once completed remove your SDCard and allow the tablet to boot and it should boot up fully. Remember once the firmware is correct touch and all your tablet features will work, if the firmware is incorrect the touch interface will be unresponsive and you will need another firmware.

If the tablet is loading on with the unblock that means that is WORKING and you finished the job!

S800TAB-600x600-e1518975398566 Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix [SERIOUX S800TAB] Gear Hacks Hacks & Soft Software Hacks

Also if your tablet is in a strange language fret not, all you will need to do is navigate settings and change the language back to good old English. Also if this method of flashing your tablet is not working then try this alternative method here with the firmware file.

I hope that this tutorial was helpful in getting your bricked tablet back to life and allowing you to fully start up your device and ultimately saved you from buying a new one. Well the only thing that I ask is that you now take the time to comment, we would love to know if this actually worked for you after all imagined if someone else had this issue and was wondering if this worked you could be a hero also by just confirming if this works or not, so go ahead and leave a comment.


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