Smart Game Booster is an easy--use yet efficient game optimization utility, essential for any gamer who wants a smoother gaming experience. It helps increase FPS and intensify processor performance for top gaming performance by killing processes and apps unnecessary for gaming with just 1-click. It also helps gamers launch games directly after the boost and display the temperatures of CPU and GPU in real-time while gaming.

Main benefits:

  • One single click to boost your PC. Not just better.
  • Optimize your PC in seconds
  • Boost FPS and display FPS in-game
  • Monitor CPU & GPU, HDD temperature
  • Free up more space for your game
  • DISK Defragmenting by optimizing the files stored on the idle status of your PC automatic
Smart Game Booster V4.3 license download free

For example I boosted my old but good processor INTEL CORE I5 4690k

Smart Game Booster V4.3 METRICS testing

🔗 Official Site of the app → Free link for downloading .

Smart Game Booster V4.3 DRIVERS UPDATING

Usually the price is 💲19.99 but today from me you can get for free 🎁:

🔑 License key: AC599-672B2-897D6-B6FB4

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