Everybody who has a car it is possible in some moments to have problems due to dead battery. Usually if the horn and lights is not working or when the car doesn’t want to start it means that the battery is really dead and for revive it you need to try this tip like in this video, where one guy demonstrate us an easy and efficient way to start your car (when the battery is dead) without pushing it or using jumper cables.

This it will be possible with only 1 rope that is mandatory to have always in the car.
The method is recommended for the petrol cars, because he did try it on diesel, but it didn’t work.

Another constrain is that your car to have a manual transmission.

The method should be like this:

  1. Jack up the front wheel
  2. Put the car in the 3rd gear
  3. Wrap the rope around the wheel and pull it.
  4. And the last one, if you’re lucky (and strong), the car will start.

As mentioned in the video, It will NOT work on any car.
Trying to start the car this way can be Dangerous.
This video content can be used at your own risk.

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