I bought a few time ago 2018 and I’ve learned in less than an hour how to hack it into a Black.

to 5 Software Download LINK → AFTER BEER DONATION 🍻

Mainly my source for the update it was:


Everything that you need to know is how to zip/unzip, use some specific windows command prompt,copy and paste and that’s it.

If anything below isn’t clear enough for you – probably you shouldn’t try this.

Let’s start to update it:

Mainly you need to have 4 files in the sdcard, in folder “UPDATE“:

  • patched “camera_firmware.bin”, file from 2.6 Hero 5 firmware
  • camera_loaders.bin
  • hd5_update.txt” from 2.6 Hero 5 firmware zip
    • Open the file and set CAMLOAD:0
  • copy of “hd5_update.txt” renamed with “fwupdate.txt
    • Open the file and set CAMLOAD:0

The Hero 5 Black 2.6 firmware can be downloaded from the GoPro website under manual update, based on a serial number for an real gopro 5 orif you don’t have one, search for availability photos with serial, on images.google.com.

The real trouble is coming now when you need to modify the “camera_firmware.bin” like this:

  • Download and extract bspatch for windows from: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/929/
  • Copy “camera_firmware.bin” from the gopro driver update zip and “gethypoxic.com’s” diff file into the “bsdiff” folder.
  • Now you need to run from command prompt within the bsdiff folder:

bspatch camera_firmware.bin camera_firmware_patched.bin h5to2018.diff

This step, automatically will patch the firmware, performing all the manual steps the site describes.

You need to check the SHA1 checksum against the one on the site above (there are plenty of sites that let you do upload files & display the SHA1)

  • Now, it remains only to copy “camera_firmware_patched.bin” back to the UPDATE folder on your sdcard and rename it like: “camera_firmware.bin

In your card on the folder “UPDATE“, It is mandatory to have the above four files:

  1. patched “camera_firmware.bin”
  2. camera_loaders.bin
  3. hd5_update.txt
  4. fwupdate.txt

If you think that is very hard for you to handle it, you can get for just 5$, the upload directly updated folder that you can upload on your sdcard and start the update immediately.

the folder updated!

  • The last step now, is to insert the sim and turn on the camera, and if you have batery enough, it will go through the update process with some restarts.

If in the last restart, you get into backdoor screen an message like written GOPRO5, your update is ready and you are the lucky owner of an GOPRO 2018 with a better software facilities of GOPRO 5 like:

  • “PROTUNE” levels with  level options within this: Low/Medium/High.
protune facility like
  • PHOTO MODE” where you can change resolution, as well as perspective.  Resolution is set to 12MP.  While perspective options are Wide, Linear, Medium, and Narrow. 
photo mode gopro 2018 like gopro
  • BURST MODE” that allows you to capture a moment of action with up to 30 frames per second. 
burst mode gopro 2018 like gopro hero5
  • Adobe Camera RAW” where the RAW photography mode is different than ProTune, which allows granular control of image specs such as exposure and white balance directly on the camera itself.  This is offered for both video and audio, and the settings are pretty similar to that of the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30. 
gopro hero 2018 iso like gopro hero5

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