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A Journey among Myths, Heroes and Divinities The word "myth" is today primarily used in a negative or dubious sense: the myth of well-being, the myth of virility, the myth of efficiency... When we use the word "myth", we most often mean "exaggeration", an artfully constructed or ingenuously celebrated image. Originally, on the other hand, "myth" stood for the truth. Human beings used myth to pass on the stories of what had happened in their world, modifying them each time, elaborating them in the telling, but reporting events that had actually happened. The characters in myths are poetic inventions to represent reality. View More Stars of Pirelli Calendar 2011 0 (0)
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The Pirelli Calendar is a trade calendar published by the Pirelli company’s UK subsidiary. It has become an annual publication that dates to 1963.

The calendar is known for its limited availability, as it is only given as a corporate gift to a restricted number of Pirelli customers and celebrit…

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In this HOT or Not category you choose and vote for your favorite day girl. I will add every day one new girl in order to have the competion more exciting. You need only to vote and check the results to see if your girl is the winner of the battle.

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