For updating the maps I recommend you install the best software that can be put on every software version: 5238 by JOSY before to start the update of maps.

For maps you cand downloaded them from here:

✅DOWNLOAD VEST vs EAST file maps after the beer donation 🍻

I want to warn you and not risk it, get better dual-layer DVD discs.

If you have a double layer DVD read on, you don’t need to, you are already successful! But still, I advise you to read how to write an image to disk correctly.

To burn an image to a disc in the Ultra ISO program, you must:
1. Insert a blank DVD-R / DVD + R disc into computer / laptop / candy bar drive.
2. Open the Ultra ISO program.
3. Press the “tools” button at the top of the program window from the drop-down menu, select “burn CD image”.
4. In the window that appears, select the drive from which the DVD will be burned.
5. Select the lowest possible write speed, for example 4x.
6. Disc-At-Once DAO recording method.
7. And by pressing the “…” button (see the photo above) we determine which image file should be written. (select the pre-downloaded ISO file with the firmware on the hard disk of the computer)
8. Press “burn” and wait until the recording appears,

And since now it’s quarantine and it’s not realistic to find such a double-layer DVD, the stores are closed. I decided to use the option of updating the maps via an SD memory card, in principle, there is a lot of information, but I did not find any sensible reviews. In general, I will share my experience and you decide for yourself whether to risk it or not.
First of all, download MapsTool and install it.

We insert the SD memory card in the MapsTool program, specify the path to the ISO file and the path to your flash drive, then the button below ASSEMBLY and wait for the end of the process.

After the end of the process, open the SD memory card and there you will see two folders, one ISO file and one mp3 file.

So the ISO file needs to be burned to a CD-R or DVD-R disc with the software of writing disks is CDBURNERXP opr another one that works perfectly

If you are sure that this is the firmware that suits you, then you can continue.

1. Don’t insert the key into the ignition!

2. Turn on the RNS-510 and wait until it loads.

3. Insert a firmware drive in the RNS-510.

✅DOWNLOAD RECOMMEND YOU 5238A by JOSI with VIDEO in MOTION ACTIVATED after the beer donation 🍻

4. We wait until the process of downloading the firmware begins.

5. There will be a window with a version of the new firmware and the question whether we are sure that this is exactly what we want, if so, we click OK.

Now we go to the and it is desirable that your battery is well charged.
We insert the SD memory card and go to media in the SD tab and immediately play a track in English from the MapsTool program.

Now we go to navigation, insert a CD or DVD disc and reboot the RNS with the SETUP + Eject + INFO / Mic buttons.

The disc is loaded after reboot.

Then there will be a window warning that no one is responsible for our “hand-wringing”, click OK, confirming that we have all understood.

Now the process of updating the firmware has begun. By time it takes about 30-55 minutes.

At this stage of the firmware it may seem that everything is stuck, just need to wait a little. We don’t press anything, we wait. The whole process resumes by itself, and at the end we get a window that everything is successfully completed.

After a successful update, a SURPRISE was waiting for me. What a surprise you ask, but my RNS, when turned on, on the VW icon rebooted and so it was constantly. I had to flash the RNS-510 again, earlier I described it here.
The iOS disk itself is removed from the RNS-510, the disk is put aside, we will no longer need it.

After taking out the disk RNS-510 just switched off and turned on itself.

You can make sure the firmware is uphold the Setup button pressed, press the Version info button and check if the firmware is updated.

The firmware was 3810 and now became 5274.

That’s it, the process is over.


If the VIDEO IN MOTION is not activated just follow the steps:

  1. START the car
  2. Push at the same time buttons EjectDay/NightGuide .
  3. Insert the CD with VIM SOFTWARE UNBLOCK, at the same time you still keep pushing the 3 buttons from up ↑.
  4. Unity RNS-510 should automatically restart when you release the buttons at the same time the 3 buttons.
  5. Unity should be restarted some time with a possibility of error showing “failed to start, insert cd”. Ignore those messages and wait.
  6. After some restarts, it will come with 2 buttons OK and Cancel. PUSH OK.
  7. Again, some restarts…
  8. In the moment of showing a green rectangle on the screen with a message: “Success”, take out the CD by pushing the button eject .
  9. Last restart.
  10. Unity starts up and everything is in place. ENJOY !!

At the moment the RNS-510 works, much faster when switching from different media and perhaps the sound has become more interesting, perhaps there are more improvements but I will definitely write about it.

The 30GB hard media space:
1xxx-2xxx firmware features 20GB sections under media and 10GB for navigation.

3xxx-5xxx firmware highlights 15GB sections under media, 7.5GB under navigation and 7.5GB under POI

The transition from the firmware of 1KH-2KH-XH to the higher is accompanied by the formatting of the rigid media and its re-rationing into new sections.

The information contained in the sections allocated for maps and multimedia files is deleted.

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