Dale has the pleasure of filming Matt’s during in Houston.
His it is one of the that was filmed on the event STANCEWARS 2017 .

If you’re looking for a cheap, well-built, fun that has loads of tuning potential, then the is the car for you.
They sold a billion of them here in the States so finding one will never be a problem and thanks to a great , getting good information is a snap.
Just ask owner who built this wicked 400 hp E30 in a backyard shed.

The BMW E30 is quickly becoming a cult classic among the DIY, autocross, and track crowd. And though the M3 version may be climbing so quickly in price, soon no one will be able to afford one, the 325i, as it turns out, has some chops as a great platform for tuning. Kameron Baker’s homebuilt E30 is just about the nicest one we’ve seen, and if you think it looks great, wait till you see how it drives.

Songs used:
Olah- Rockstar Remix
AJ Afterparty X Noah Kickback – Back for the Night
Slim Thug – Houston

Filmed in 4k with: Panasonic GH4 12-35 f2.8 and used a DJI Ronin for most of his shots.

This E30 M3 is an updated version of

BMW E30 Turbo – Tire Punisher

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