Clean culture is an auto event where participate a lot of car drivers who build defines their own unique style and vision in terms of cars. They respect the clean and beautiful style. If you think that you are like this and you want to participate on one event you need to respect this rules: BURNOUTS OR DONUTS are not welcome at any event all these do it cause us to be banned from locations so as it may be fun for that few seconds you are running it for everyone else that attends. As for pets when we post up no pets allowed it based on property management we had a number of people with pets attend today and we witnessed more than one person couldn’t clean up after them and left it for the next guy to step in. We don’t want to walk around cleaning up after animals if we did we would bring our own pets. When it comes to the couple events everyone needs to learn to stay back and respect what’s going on. If someone was to get hurt during any events that would be the end of it for everyone. I know everyone has heard an exhaust before you don’t need to stand 3ft from the car to hear it. They have a number of video coverage going on during the event that we take care of and pay for to provide coverage to the Internet and those that would like to watch it. When everyone makes it impossible for them to record that means less in the video to see.

“The whole idea behind simply clean wasn’t to turn people away because they don’t have WIDE WHEELS or A SLAMMED CAR but to bring everyone together. People love a car as long as it is done “Simple and Clean” these days. We are car guys, and we love all makes and models!”If we speak about simply clean cars meeting, It’s that time of year again to gather all car enthusiasts to one location for a special day of meeting new people, showing off your ride and helping out those in need. The last Simply Clean 7 info: Air Lift Performance Proudly Presents Simply Clean 7 in association with Alpha One Wheels, Ultimate Auto and Complete Custom Wheel at Destination Daytona, an amazing venue that houses restaurants, bars, a hotel and much more! Because of the generous amount of donations from show participants in the last 3 years, over 1,500+ lbs of hygiene/nonperishable food items were collected to help the homeless. We are absolutely grateful to work with Pathways To Care again, “a not-for-profit assisted living facility which provides recuperative care to homeless men & women recovering from an acute illness or injury”.Due to the massive amount of cars in attendance, we will be doing Pre Registration/Pre Approved show parking. We believe utilizing the limited amount of show spaces with quality clean cars will make for a great automotive display. See more at: Iamsimplyclean.

Remember: It’s not a competition and below you can find also the old videos.

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