In order to enter TEST MODE, it is necessary for the “System Version” window to click sequentially on the places on the screen shown in the picture (circled in red). The sequence of pressing is fundamental and must be strictly observed.
If you all correctly clicked, then after clicking on area 5, a dialog will appear.
In this dialog, you need to enter certain codes and press OK to go to any hidden menu.

List of codes:

1111 Displays version information of all components in the system.
1119 Checks and, if it is not running, launches \ Storage Card \ ULC2_Trigger.exe – there is no such file in the system, why is it done, I don’t know.
0362 (2383 for 9.1.x) Activation of extended codes (ARC). This code must be entered once while the head is turned on and click OK. Then you do not need to enter it before each extended code.

List of extended codes:

6971 (9065 for 9.1.x) Exit to the WinCE desktop (launch Explorer). In 9.1.x, any of the mcmtest * files (see below) are
required to start 3740-3749 Codes that run the MicomManager configuration. Of these, workers 4:
3744 Some kind of test. It has speed indications.
3745 Radio test
3746 Audio test
9999 Includes ActiveSync on the internal (located on the board and not broken up) USB port.
4444 Sends something to BlueTooth
4445 Sends something to BlueTooth in code there is a mention com.ahamobile.shoutapp.e
4446 Sends something in BlueTooth in code there is a mention LL29PAF236
2223 Switches the skin of the head to the old MediaNav (simple icons, etc.)
2222 Switches the skin back to MediaNav

3748 Launching the MicomManager configuration screen (this is where you can change ECO, AHA, etc.)
If you just enter this code, the menu will open with almost all options turned off.
To activate disabled options, you must insert a flash drive containing one of the following files before entering the code (the content is not important, you can simply empty it)
mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini – for a secure set of options (there will be activation of ECO and everything else) I recommend it.
mcmtest_activate.ini (mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini for 9.1.x) – to activate everything you can. But there will be some options that can kill head, be careful.

Example.  enter the test radio

Go to TEST MODE by clicking on the areas in the system version dialog.
Enter the code 0362 and click OK.
Click <- and erase everything. Enter
3745 and click OK.
We are in a radio test.
We leave the radio test (there is a cross like)
We go into TEST MODE by clicking on the areas in the system version dialog.
Enter 3748 and click OK. 0362 does not need to be entered a second time until the head is turned off. Re-entering 0362 will disable the extended codes.
We are in Micom config.

This all works on absolutely stock firmware without any changes. That is, it should work for everyone. I checked only on 8.0.5. But I think that in other versions it will be the same.
Checked for 6.0.4 (although a simple file for editing from 8.0.5 did not fit, only full), 8.0.5 and 9.1.1 / 9.1.3

Besides all of these tests, you can read also about:

Quick Call of dialogue with versions (code 1111).
Press 10 times in a row on the area shown in the picture under number 1.

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26 Replies to “TEST MODE (Service menu) MediaNav & MediaNav EVOLUTION”

  1. Hello. Thanks for the excellent material. Unfortunately I can’t even enter in test mode. Although I’pretty sure I touched the version screen in the right order and places. Tried so many times. With and without a pendrive with the corresponding file. It’s a evolution with 1.0.13
    Can you possible help me? Any idea?

    1. It’s impossible to not succeed. First you need to put the 3 files:mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini, mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini, mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini on usb fat32 formatted, then version (5 touch points) and finally you go to miconmanager.

      1. Hi Lisandru, My version of Medianav is I followed your suggestion and I am not succeded. It shows invalid passkey.
        Can you help me?

  2. Hi I am having LAN5800WR3 version Usb pendrive with 3 files inserted and After touching 5 points, I tried 2383 and all as above in test mode but It shows invalid pass key.
    None of the test mode code works.
    Can you please help?

    1. I am not familliar with this version. Are you sure that your software version is like this because usually you have 3.x.x not with 4. Check again and you will find the answear .

  3. My system is the latest and have the software could you please help with the key for this to enter the test mode

    1. HEllo, Did you tryed this ones:
      For version 3.x.x.x KWID or TRIBER CARS:

      Type 9973
      Press OK
      Delete with the right button
      Type 6241
      Press OK
      Type 9391 [Engineering Mode]
      from here

  4. I have bought new Renault Kwid and My media nav version is I also need test mode codes.Kindly help me.

  5. I have these 3 files on my USB-pen, but when i touch the 5 touch points nothing happens.
    Its version
    Is it the right files?
    As I see it i miss 4 in the first file – is it the reason that it wont work?

  6. Hej, jag har en Renault Trafic 2016 med MediaNav version 5.2.8
    Vilken kod är det till ”test mode”?

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