As we know, the MediaNav conceals many secrets, which are gradually revealed.

One of that secret facility is called Manager, and with that special functionality, we can activate the rearview camera and its guidelines, the TMC and the AHA and also we can do radio and audio tests. In the versions mounted on Renault, it is also possible to manage the ECO mode

Dacia Renault Multiplexer
Dacia Multiplexer

(On some models of Dacia, is missing a multiplexer that has not provided the connection with the control unit, but on the second hand market is available for buying for around 50$).

But now let’s see how to get there:

Prelliminary step:

STEP 1 – Preparing the files ini on the USB formatted FAT32

  • Format a USB stick like “FAT32”
  • Open the USB stick
  • Extract them (not open directly) and copy directly in the main folder.

The structured files should be like this:

  1. MN1 software version 1.x.x-4.x.x: mcmtest_activate.ini (menu Micom+ WinCE)
  2. MN2 software version 5.x.x – 8.x.x: mcmtest_activate.ini ( menu Micom+ WinCE ), mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini MENU MICOM)
  3. MN2 from software version 9.x.x: mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini (Micom + WinCE), mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini (only MICOM)
  4. MN3 from software version 1.0.xx.x: mcmtest_activate.ini ( complete menu MICOM )
  5. MN4 from software version version 6.0.x.x.xxxx mcmtest_activate.ini ( complete menu MICOM )
  6. QWID mcmtest_activate.ini, mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini, mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini ( complete menu MICOM )
My peaceful place of ideas
Load the USB stick in the main slot from Media Nav
My peaceful place of ideas
Press OK to “No media file found in USB”

STEP 2 – Go to page system version and push the 5 points in correct sequence


Startup the navigation EVOLUTION Contact, turn on, volume +, volume – and click empty USB for MEDIANAV or

My peaceful place of ideas
START THE NAVI + go to Go to Settings
My peaceful place of ideas
Go to Settings → System → System Version [PAGE 2]) for MEDIANAV EVOLUTION
  • Now you need to press in sequence bellow 1-5 areas
dacia renault points of touch for micommanager activation
Dacia points of touch for micom manager activation on MEDIANAV EVOLUTION MN2 9.1.x and also for MN1 4.1.X

or for the new version with ANDROID CAR PLAY the points should be bellow of top bar:

My peaceful place of ideas
Dacia points of touch for micom manager activation on MEDIANAV EVO II MN3 1.0.13.x or 1.0.15.x


My peaceful place of ideas

For MN1 version 4.x.x:

  • Type 8005
  • Press OK
  • Delete with the right button
  • Type 3638
  • Press OK
  • Type 1111[Engineering Mode]
  • Press OK

After pushing the codes you need to PUSH on MICOM TEST BUTTON

MICOM TEST activation Dacia

Now the Micom Manager is opened. 

My peaceful place of ideas
To access the complete configuration screen press the “MICOM TEST” button.

Important: If the button MICOM TEST is gray it means that you forget to put the files on USB from STEP 1 !!

At this point, we need to be aware of what we are going to click, because we could do damage that is difficult (or at least very cumbersome) to remedy. 

RESULT of the MICOM TEST WINDOW for the old Medianav 4.xx MN1 the settings menu is looking as:

My peaceful place of ideas
Medianav MN1 4.x.x MICOM Manager default settings

For MN2 version 5.x.x-8.x.x:

  •  Type 0362
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3748
  •  Press OK
  • Type 1111 [Engineering Mode]
  •  Press OK

For MN2 version 9.x.x

The access codes to the Micom Manager for the new versions 9.1.1 and 9.1.3 are the following:

  •  Type 2383
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3748
  •  Press OK
  • Type 1111 [Engineering Mode]
  •  Press OK

RESULT of the MICOM TEST WINDOW for the Medianav 5.x.x-8.x.x-9.x.x MN2 the settings menu is looking as:

My peaceful place of ideas
Medianav Evolution MN2 Micom Manager default settings

For ease of reading, I will describe only the main 21 most important keys in row order, from 1 to 21.

ATTENTION: Don’t touch ever button “Virgin / Clear Virgin / ClrCnf. ” because is resetting your device.

  1. Guide line reversing camera
  2. Temperature display (off / ° C / ° F)
  3. ECO mode (deactive / active)
  4. AHA function (On / Off)
  5. GPS / Glonass
  6. Reversing radar: Sound (SND) + template (HMI Off / HMI R / HMI-FR) + SPK-FR ??
  7. TMC function (On / Off)
  8. Ignition type of the MN: ON (key on accessory: the station displays the time, engine on: the station displays the menu if presence of the BIC); AC (key on accessory: the station displays the menu)
  9. Color of the interface (M1-> renault; M0-> dacia)
  10. Activate “Road” mode, 4×4 screen (inclination, vehicle orientation) if in Dacia mode.
  11. Automatic transmission (ISR) or manual transmission (BVM) ??
  12. New emergency call function when airbags are triggered ??
  13. Choice of boot logo (at startup): for the choice to be effective, after clicking the left and right arrows, click on the button with the name of the selected logo, then restart MediaNav.
  14. Starting the remote engine ??
  15. Activation of the reversing camera (off / RVC) ?? + n ° 21 (?)
  16. Steering Wheel Remote Control: steering wheel remote control
  17. Push to talk: button on the steering wheel for voice commands
  18. Speaker (SPK) and tweeter (TWR) front (front) and rear (rear)
  19. Loudness
  20. Activation of the BOSE function (brand amplifier required)
  21. $ 17 single camera; $ 18 multi-view camera ??

Some functions require additional interfaces (BIC case for example).

At the end of the 6th line, 2 RVC and MVC buttons (necessary to activate the camera in version 8 and +?)
To change the logo, after having chosen, it is necessary to validate by a support.

For MN3 For version 1.0.xx.x


  •  Type 8457
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 7777
  •  Press OK
  • Type 5031 (PASS version)


  •  Type 2895
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 5751
  •  Press OK
  • Type 9895 (PASS version)


  •  Type 6835
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 9377
  •  Press OK
  • Type 5822 (PASS version)


  •  Type 4620
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 0688
  •  Press OK
  • Type 2047 (PASS version)
My peaceful place of ideas
Normal EUROPE DEFAULT settings for MICOM MANAGER settings

Vers. +

  •  Type 9777
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 1757
  •  Press OK
  • Type 7817(PASS version)

RESULT of the MICOM TEST WINDOW for the new Medianav 1.0.13.x MN3 the settings menu is looking as:

Medianav EVO II Car Android Play 1.0.10.x.x
Medianav MN3 EVO2 Car Android Play 1.0.13.x.x


  •  Type 3571 
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3365
  •  Press OK


  •  Type 4633
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3931
  •  Press OK
  • Type 7539[VERSION]


  •  Type 0023
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3571 
  •  Press OK
  • Type 3365 [VERSION]

Vers. {DACIA SPRING 2021 NAVI }:

  •  Type 4420
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 7771
  •  Press OK

Vers. {DACIA SPRING 2022 NAVI }:

  •  Type 0677
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3115
  •  Press OK

RESULT of the MICOM TEST WINDOW for the new updated Medianav 1.0.15.x.XX MN3 last android the settings menu is looking as:

My peaceful place of ideas
Medianav Evolution MN3 1.0.15.x.xx Micom Manager default settingsy

In the latest available version of Medianav, it is possible to activate voice commands using the appropriate button on the steering wheel. In this case, we have to configure the SPVR key (A) to ON and PTT to CAN.

We enable or disable what interests us by pressing the Hard reset button and wait for the Medianav to restart. We remove the key, done. Sometimes when exiting the Micom Manager the “Multiview Camera” and the “Mute” are automatically deactivated due to an incomprehensible malfunction of the Micom Manager on MN3. We must therefore re-enter the Micom Manager and reactivate them by resetting the “SWRC 4” button to reactivate the mute, while in the MVC button for the multi-view camera.

UPDATE !! For the new Medianav Evo II 2019-2020 we have detailed here:

  1. Hard reset: CHANGES CHANGES
  2. Make virgin: ATTENTION! DO NOT TOUCH!
  8. CP: CARPLAY (On Off)
  9. AA: ANDROID AUTO (On Off)
  10. SIRI: SIRI (On / Off)
  11. $ 00 DACIA: BOOT LOGO
  12. ADAC: activation cdb km (On Off) ???
  13. TEMP * C: TEMPERATURE (On / Off)
  16. ECO: ECO (On Off)
  17. LDNS: LOUDNESS (On Off)
  18. MW On-LW On: MEDIUM WAVE LONG (On Off)
  21. DAB: DAB (On Off)
  23. GPS: GPS (On Off)
  26. 4WD: INFO 4X4 (On-Off)
  27. RES: Starting motor remotely ??? – For Russia maybe
  29. BOSE: BOSE AMPLIFICATION “where provided” (On Off)
  30. WAKE: alarm or starting when unblock
  31. The commands with an asterisk are to be considered unknown.


For version

  •  Type 2662 [TEST MODE]
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 0660 [ENGINEERING MODE]
  •  Press OK
  • Type 8343 (PASS version)
My peaceful place of ideas
MICOM TEST MN4 activation Dacia

For version

  •  Type 5106 [TEST MODE]
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 6080 [ENGINEERING MODE]
  •  Press OK
  • Type 0994 (PASS version)

For version

  •  Type 0553 [TEST MODE]
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 1753 [ENGINEERING MODE]
  •  Press OK
  • Type 1279 (PASS version)

For MN4 version

  •  Type 0864 [TEST MODE]
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 0628 [ENGINEERING MODE]
  •  Press OK
  • Type 4607 (PASS version)

For MN4 version

  •  Type 7911 [TEST MODE]
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 7579[ENGINEERING MODE]
  •  Press OK
  • Type 3815 (PASS version)

For MN4 version

  •  Type 8484 [TEST MODE]
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 2688[ENGINEERING MODE]

RESULT of the MICOM TEST WINDOW for the newest 2021 DACIA Medianav 6.0.8.x.xxx MN4 EASY LINK the settings menu is looking as:

My peaceful place of ideas
Medianav EASYLINK MN4 Micom Manager default settings


For version 2.x.x.x :


  •  Type 9133
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3992
  •  Press OK
  • 2938 [additiona versionl]


  •  Type 1793
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 3552
  •  Press OK
My peaceful place of ideas

For version 3.x.x.x


  •  Type 9973
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 6241
  •  Press OK
  • Type 9391 [Engineering Mode]


  • Type 0686
  • press OK
  • Delete with the right button
  • Type 7959
  • Press OK
My peaceful place of ideas


Or TRY Quick launch of the MicomManager configuration screen (only not safe mode)
Press 10 times in a row on the area shown in the picture at number 3
And you will immediately enter MicomManager without entering any codes


If you need all the functionalities, please visit another article on my blog with all the buttons explained:


After the modifications, you need to reset the navigation by the pushing of the first button: DSI_Config (MN1 & MN2) or  Hard Reset (MN3)

I hope that this tutorial helps you and now you are a happy little hacker that modified your navigation as you need.

Don’t forget to say thanks in the comments and share with your friends the link!

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103 Replies to “How to use Micom Manager MediaNav Evolution RENAULT – v4.x[MN1]+v9.x[MN2]+v1.0.15[MN3]+[MN4] DACIA -KWID – TRIBER”

  1. Good day thanks for the information on the medianav can you supply the full info to access the windows win6.0.2 so I can access the
    Ecu set up and remove the restriction my Renault service center has set on my 67 plate capture 1.5 dci your information on the ecu screen works fine but I think I need an extra file on my USB stick to access win ecu set up screen. Midianav get 9.1.x if you have the reset info for the ecu screen functions I would be most grateful for a copy. Kind regards k.p

    1. Thanks for the feedback,
      About how to access Win CE please read:
      About the reset of you medianav you need just to deactivate the functions. Hard reset is forbidden and you need to take care of what you are doing progressively.

      In the next articles I will put also how to upgrade the medianav or reset it in case of be broken.

      I hope that I’ve helped you 😉

  2. merci pour tout ce que vous faite,je voudrais juste savoir comment retirer les restrictions du medianav surtout pour continuer a lire des videos en roulant je vous serais tres reconnaissant merci d’avance.

  3. hi there, i am trying to download the file and extract it however its not allowing me to extract as there is some error windows 10 is giving me. can you please help with another file perhaps.

  4. hi there, i did all the steps for media nav 9.1.3 however the micom settings is not there its just faded and unable to click on it.

    1. Hello Abdullah, This is the effect of not puting the 2 files on the USB stick: mcmtest_activate.ini + mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini (STEP 3 from article → Download the files from the link, extract them and copy directly in the main folder.). You need to download the file from article, extract it with password: lisandru.eu and then copy on the formated as FAT32 USB stick. After that you will do the next spes and it will work correctly.

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for all explanations. Can you tell me if exist any possibility on MediaNav to keep playing videos when I drive ?
    Thank you!

  6. anybody know if there is a way to reduce the mic level from the car microphone ?
    i ask because mine has a fault where my handsfree works in that if connects with bluetooth, i can dial/answer calls, i can hear perfectly the other end of the call received. but by audio is getting feedback and ends up in a loop where it ramps up the gain, gets feedback and reduces it down and starts again, so it sounds like it just clicks to the other end every 2 seconds

  7. Hi The password you provided dosn’t work for me, it is reported that the password is wrong and the files are empty when extracted

    1. Hello mr. PERA, Just donwload the file, extract it by inserting the pass: lisandru.eu .Don’t open it because this is the reason for not seeing the files. Put the files on the usb and should work after that.

  8. Hello. Thanks for the excellent material. Unfortunately I can’t even enter in test mode. Although I’pretty sure I touched the version screen in the right order and places. Tried so many times. With and without a pendrive with the corresponding file. It’s a evolution with 1.0.13
    Can you possible help me? Any idea?

    1. It’s impossible to not succeed. First you need to put the 3 files:mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini, mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini, mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini on usb fat32 formatted, then version (5 touch points) and finally you go to miconmanager.

      1. Thanks a lot for your answer. Indeed I misunderstood, ans tried only with one file. I’ll give it another try and let you know. Thanks!!! (Those 3 files for version, right?)

        1. Hello. Ok, It did work. 🙂 thanks a lot.

          I managed to access the settings and alter them, but I couldn’t achieve my principal goal that was to enable navigation.

          Here in brasil, latest version of MN cames with the navigation not enabled. I tried some values at map setting and in GPS button, but couldn’t get the nav enabled.

          The GPS TEST from first screen after codes (the one with the micom test button), shows all gps data working normally. Have any idea how could I enable navigation?

          1. Yes. On the third row you will sew bellow hmi something like no map. There just choose something else. After this you need to reset it and the navigation button will appear.

          2. I have the same problem, I tried changing the „no map” to other option (and with many of them) but the Navigation button never appears. Could it be that it is not loaded in the file system? (And thus, I should load the files separately). Thanks.

      2. Hallo die erste und dritte datei sind doch die selben bei mir bleibt das
        fenster micom test hell grau
        weiß jemand woran das liegt
        Kannst du mir möglicherweise helfen? Irgendeine Idee?

        ENG: Hello the first and third files are the same for me it remains
        window micom test light gray
        Does anyone know why this is
        Can you possibly help me? Any idea?

        1. If you are putting the 3 files inside of directly USB is impossible to not work. Keep in mind that before inserting the codes you need to have already inserted the usb with that 3 files. Wait for your feedback.

    1. Yes. The first button but you need to be very gentil to not push the virgin ( the 2nd one) because you clear your medianav and is not so simple to come back. You can use also long pushing the power.

  9. Hello,

    I knew that if the MediaNav comes with AHA deactivated, it will not be possible to activate it anymore.
    Are you sure it works from MICOM?

    Thank you!

  10. Hello version medinav there is no Navigation box on the main screen. How can I activate this from the micom test menu?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know so much things about this version. Maybe you should try with the MN1 & MN2 6.x.x: mcmtest_activate.ini (menu Micom+ WinCE)
      and by pressing: For version 3.x.x-8.x.x:
      Type 0362
      Press OK
      Delete with the right button
      Type 3748
      Press OK

  11. Have you tried number 6 – Reversing radar: Sound (SND) + template (HMI Off / HMI R / HMI-FR) + SPK-FR ?? Does it work on Dacia Duster 2?

    1. Hello,
      If you are speaking about navigation gps I remember that 1 solution is to enter in Micon Manager and bellow number 5 just put something different than non or something. If you are speaking about another GPS please check the number 23 from the same photo. Look at the article on the image: Medianav EVO II Car Android Play 1.0.13.x. In EUROPE we have as in image WEU. Please comeback with feedback if is ok now.

    1. Do you mean to activate the navi icon on the interface of medianav ?? in case is not existing ? If yes, please follow the steps from my article to go on micon manager and change the button between 7 & 8, and the left from 11 to your zone. In my case is EUROPE as you can see in the bottom image from the article. Please try and let me know if is something more 😉

  12. Hi..
    I have previously followed your tutorial and entered TEST MODE and Micom Manager and activated the rearview camera and other options..
    Things are working completely fine.

    Now I need to change something and I am not able to enter the TEST MODE by going into settings -> system version and touching the 5 points on the screen.

    Can you please solve my problem..

    1. It’s something related to your touches points. I don’t know about some modifications way recently. Please try also with the files from upper on the USB before to insert the code.

    1. Hello everyone…I have the same issue that Karlos… I can activate rear camera for example, but not the GPS on medianav, Latin America version… I tried to change maps configuration, but always boot the device with no map configuration… Medianav always return to no map settings… I tried uploading maps to the medianav with a pendrive with autorun sh command… the maps are now on medianav, but I can’t activate the Navigation button…

  13. Unlocked everything I needed to, when the camera is connected the medianav is saying camera is damaged or not connected
    the camera works fine on a separate screen any ideas on what to do.

  14. Good morning everyone,
    I have a Dacia Duster with medianav evolution with latest update version
    I have a few questions …

    Is there a way to activated wifi because android auto works fine with USB cable?

    Is there a way to replace the Google maps with Magic Earth GPS navigation?

    Thank you.
    LIE-A-FO from French Guiana.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know about wifi connection for android car. Maybe you can do it with some additional hardware. Regarding the software earth GPS instead of google maps i think is just a matter of time for developing.

  15. i tried codes for but it shows incorrect… can you guide me to open micom manager without code & where to touch 10 times to do that …

  16. when I have ever tried MICOM before on my evolution I have to save settings, turned off radio using the on off volume button and opened drivers door and waited 12 seconds and then turned on the radio again and it appears to have saved settings. Are you saying :

    “After the modifications, you need to reset the navigation by the pushing of the first button: DSI_Config (MN1 & MN2) or Hard Reset (MN3)”

    That if i press on DSI_Config onscreen button that this does the same thing and that it is safe to press the DSI_config without it ruining the radio? – also when you press DSI_Config do you have to re-tune all the radio stations again?
    Thank You.

    1. Hello Andy, the dsi_config is just a hard reset of medianav. Is not affecting your setting of interface. Is judt a shortway to apply the micon settings and to restart faster the medianav.

  17. Hello I would like to have it that as soon as I enter my car through drivers door that my medianav ‘comes alive’ with either clock or radio showing onscreen , so I went in Micom Manager and set

    “8. Ignition type of the MN: ON (key on accessory: the station displays the time, engine on: the station displays the menu if presence of the BIC); AC (key on accessory: the station displays the menu)”

    to ‘WAKE – ON’ but after restarting the radio it has no effect. I still have to place the keycard into slot ((renault Clio 4) or start engine to ‘wake up’ radio – any idea why please?

    Thank you.

    1. Regarding the micon settings i’ve obsserved also that you need to make more than 1 saving at same time. When i switch the medianav skin from m0 to m1 and to activate ac info I need to make 3 times the changes and dsi_config after. About waking up i think that also the cabling is influencing no? Or not.. i will search more about the subject

      1. many thanks isandru – it would be great if I could have that feature – it takes so long for radio to be able to be worked from turning on. at least if it started turning on the radio when the door is open at least it would save time

  18. Hello
    Thank you for sharing this tutorial.
    I have a Duster model after 2018.
    I would like to ask you something for the rear camera.
    I have bouht the following kit https://www.daciamag.com/dacia-duster-ii-2018-rear-view-camera-original-8201714222.html
    My car had no rear camera. When I removed the Medianav and I checked the connector on the back I saw that the cable for the camera was already pre- installed but I could not find the path of the cable. Can you help me, if you know where the other of this cable is terminated in the car?
    Best regards

  19. Have you worked out any of the options in the Medianav Evo II 2019 version? Some of the options I can’t figure out are ILL on/off, HMI off/on and the group setting in line 3.

    Altering the MO white to M1 doesn’t seem to make any difference either, presume it’s a background colour/Dacia/Renault thing?

    There’s an option under MICOM test called Radio Tuning which suggest there’s a connection possible to a PC instead of MICOM but I’m not sure how to proceed with that. I was hoping to find some advanced radio options including how to alter the tuning step size and range, America for example will tune AM in 10kHz steps and Japan uses a different frequency range for FM so there must be options for these buried somewhere?

    I was really hoping to find something that would increase the AM filter bandwidth on the radio IC because it appears to be software defined.

  20. Hi I have mn version 403 in a dacia logan with the older version 1 menu. This only shows 4 selections for rev camera and nothing fora logan. When I select None(no guidelines) which highlights until I press config and seems to cancel as nothing happens This is a 2014 version. Is it not possible to configure rev camera inthisversion

  21. Hi,
    I’ve activated the rear view camera on MediaNav 1 (4.1.0), however I can’t turn it off again.
    Can you help me out here?
    Thanks ahead!

  22. Bonjour

    Je tenais à vous remercier pour tous vos conseils mis sur votre site.

    J’ai enfin pu trouver les bons codes…j’ai la version, et je ne trouvais aucun code correspondant,
    malgré de multiples essais de nombreux codes.
    J’ai un Duster de juin 2020 et j’ai donc pu modifier les couleurs du GPS et de l’écran, l’AHA pour les infos du téléphone,
    et j’ai aussi activé les WD pour les 4×4 alors que j’ai un 4×2.

    J’ai dessus le système multiwiew pour le stationnement et les manœuvres, et les caméras latérales ne se déclenchent pas quand je passe la marche arrière.
    Je vais donc regarder si je ne peux pas activer une touche pour cela….avoir l’arrière et les deux latérales en même temps sur l’écran.

    Encore merci pour vos conseils.

    1. Hola, intenté hacer lo de 4×4 pero no logro ver el cambio cuando salgo del MICOM. Puedes ayudarme a lograrlo. Versión Media nav 9.1.3

  23. Dear Lisandru!
    I activated rear cam and rear speaker in my media nav 1.013.3. Can i now install rear cam 12V NTSC system and connect to rear lihgt. Will the cammera work or is my video signal locked by Renault. Can it work. One mate tried but not working.
    Is there a possibility to damage my media nav or ican install rear cam? Thanks for all nice informations.

    1. If you activate it you just need to install properly with the correct electrical cables . It is nothing locked. You will see blank in worst case of not correctly installed.

  24. Hi Lisandru. Thanks for all nice posts here. I hacled my rear cam and rear speaker in Medianav 1.0.13. If i install the rear cam will it work or video signal is locked by manufacturer. Can i damagge my Media Nav?

  25. Hi I have problems with the Bluetooth, while it’s playing a song show a little latency and sounds as if i had an old CD.
    Can I change something on the Micom (BT Test Mode) to solve this?

    Duster 2014 Version 4.1.0

    (Sorry for my english)

    Hope all of u can help me.


    1. Usually is because of software modifications that you made on your system and can be solved by restoration of the original software. Can be done by following this article: https://lisandru.eu/automotive/renault-dacia-medianav-tips/media-nav-mn1-4-1-x-mn2-9-1-x-or-mn3-1-0-13-x-downgrade-or-restore-to-factory-data.html

      If also with the original is making problems it can be some hardware problems related the communicator. Only the electrician man can help you to replace with another.

      1. I’ve never made modifications on the system, I want to resolve the problem with the Bluetooth Test menu that is inside the Micom.

        There is a tutorial for the BluetoothTest menu??

        Thank you Lisandru for responding me!!


          1. Thank you so much Lisandru, because it’s so anoying how while I’m driving with the bluetooth on my phone, the music sounds with too many latency and cut in some parts of the song.

            Maybe if I change some parameters on the “BT Test” I would solve my problem, but I don’t wanna touch any configuration because I have no idea what parameter I can change hahah

            Thank u again, u are the best!!


      1. Como puedo activar la salida de audio trasera de mi medianav Es posible ver videos mientras se conduce. Hay maneras de ingresar a YouTube y cosas así?

  26. Hi mate, really a nice and informative thread. I have some doubts with my MediaNav version on the new Kwid late 2020. There is no test codes available for this version. I read about the quick launch of MicomManager by tapping 10 times on the area in picture no. 3 but I cannot find the area where to tap. If you could please clarify, it would be great?

  27. HI, I have a Clio IV, on software version 4.1.0 – I assume I need to use MN1, but how do I activate rear camera on that version?

  28. Which option turns on the reversing cable, and lines on the MN1 version 4.x.x:. I can’t seem ro find the RVC button?

  29. I bought Triber RXT which is having Medianav Evolution Version This system is not having rear camera or navigation menu. How to get it.

  30. Thanks 🙂
    I have updated to Vers.
    but I cant go into Micom Manager

    Type 0023
    Press OK
    Delete with the right button
    Type 3571
    Press OK
    Type 3365 [VERSION]

    Is it the correct digirts I use?

    Best regards

  31. boa noite prezados
    o meu clio 4 2016 tem um auto falante na porta lateral que não funciona
    ja verifiquei mas o auto falante encontra em perfeitas condições
    queria saber se não há nenhum interface no sistema que não deixa funcionar

  32. Hello,
    I have in front of me a medianav that works without a problem. Except there is no audio comming from the audio connector. I was wondering if it was possible to enter the „audio test”. Here is the output of the version:
    Micon Ver:
    Uboot Ver: 4.1.15-global.6
    CPU Ver:
    Navi Ver:

    When I enter the test mode, the „audio test” is not clickable, but the „micom test” is. I have the following files on the USB stick:

    Do you have any idee how to enter the „audio test” mode?

    Thanks for your time.

  33. merci a Lisandru et autre personne qui apportent les diverses modifications de Medianav pour moi j’ai un MM3 en
    merci pour le skin halloween celui-ci va parfaitement bien avec mon Duster modifié dans un esprit démoniaque.

  34. Hola Lisandru, tengo un Dacia Duster2 ph2 y la versión del medianav es Aunque seleccione en micom la opción “eco -> active” no me muestra la información de los trayectos en el driving eco2 en la pantalla. Me aparece el tiempo de recorrido pero ningún valor de consumo. Gracias

  35. thanks installed as per instructions and my camera is working well in reverse gear but the problem is when changing from reverse to neutral display shows camera damaged or corrupt……any idea why it is showing this error

  36. Ik heb een Medianav met versie in mijn clio gezet, maar ik krijg de achter camera niet werkend? Ik heb hem op RVC gezet maar er gebeurd niks. Kan iemand helpen?

  37. Bonjour,
    J’ai la version 5.2.8, les codes sont 0362 et 3748, j’ai activé la caméra de recul, mais quand je suis sorti de la reprogrammation quand j’ai redémarré mon captur, il s’affiche à l’écran „impossible d’ouvrir la carte disponible avec votre licence”, je n’accède plus à mon GPS,
    que dois-je faire pour le récupérer ? Merci pour votre réponse et votre aide.

  38. Hello,

    Update to the latest version, but activate the voice commands using the appropriate button on the steering wheel. Don’t work.

    If have put the SPVR key (A) to ON and PTT to CAN. Must I change SWRC to 1,2,3 or 4 ?? And what do you mean with

    “We must therefore re-enter the Micom Manager and reactivate them by resetting the “SWRC 4” button to reactivate the mute, while in the MVC button” ?

    Kind regards

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