Even are small chances remain without power source in car, Sometimes it happens … because the battery ends its life cycle, or we simply need unplug it to do some safety work like installing: new airbag, the rear camera or something else…

Unfortunately, often the last thing you think about is that the MediaNav that always needs an unlock code, after taking out the connection the source of electrical support.

maxresdefault How to recover the MediaNav unlock code Media Nav Hacks
Renauld / Dacia Media Nav authentication KEY

If you are at this point, for sure you are in front of 4 empty spaces, the special code that for sure you are not remembering about.

In this moment you have 2 possibilities:

MediaNav unlock code (only for Evolution) by usb files

This is my favourite choice, because with just 3 files (“MortScript.exe”, “ULC2_recovery.exe” and “ULC2_recovery.mscr”) from the Unblock code Media Nav link password: 701268 .

which must be copied a USB stick that is formatted as FAT32 and next inserted in the USB slot from MediaNAV  you are able to see code like bellow:

20190928_082244-1024x664 How to recover the MediaNav unlock code Media Nav Hacks
Media nav code show

MediaNav unlock code by android apps based on the reference code

This method usually is mandatory when the first 1 is not working.

Based on the Hardware Media Nav code like bellow↓ 4 chars (1 letter and 3 numbers)

Media-nav-serial-code How to recover the MediaNav unlock code Media Nav Hacks
Serial Code Media Nav Unblock

After you identified the code, Next step is to search for applications on the Play Store: Renault/Dacia Radio Code .

you have a lot of them, but I’ve tested for you first 1:

image-e1569495271599 How to recover the MediaNav unlock code Media Nav Hacks

This simple and above all free app will tell us, in just a few steps, what the unlock code associated with our MediaNav is. But now let’s see how it works.

First of all we download it from the link indicated a few lines ago.↑

Now we insert the last four characters present on the bar code in the lower left: for I have inserted the data of the image above, found on the net. The characters are, in order, a letter and three digits : in this case an I (of Intelligent, as you are) and then the numbers 6, 8 and 9. We press the blue button “START” and within a blink of an eye, is our unlock code. Problem solved!

Screenshot_20190926-114755_Radio-code-generator-e1569495443942-660x1024 How to recover the MediaNav unlock code Media Nav Hacks
Media Nav Code generator app android

This app works with only original Media Nav and Evolution. If you changed the original code, the app is not able to see anymore the actual code.

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16 Replies to “How to recover the MediaNav unlock code”

  1. The first one didn’t work since the local agency Renault blocked it! But the second tutorial worked for me. Thank you so much.

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