By defauld the medianav is created to have 2 mods preactivated because of the grup RENAULT-DACIA, so if you are tired to watch on the simple DACIA theme is time to switch to RENAULT THEME.

image-123 How to change from M0 [DACIA] to M1 [RENAULT] theme Medianav skin Media Nav Hacks
Switch from M0 [DACIA] to M1 [RENAULT] theme media nav

To activate this function, you need to do some steps:
First of all you need to enter to the secret menu MICON MANAGER and for this you need to follow the steps from article:

After that, micom manager will run.

Now pay attention to everything that you are going to do:

medianav-evolution-micom-manager How to change from M0 [DACIA] to M1 [RENAULT] theme Medianav skin Media Nav Hacks
Go to micom manager and select COL MI for Renault or M0 for Dacia

1. Click on MICOM  .
2. In the upper right corner, look for the following
COL M0 and switch to M1 (Reference NR 9 from the upper article )
3. Press the button until is switched
4. Turn off the ignition, remove the key and pull out the USB flash drive.
5. We wait 2-3 minutes and turn on the ignition.
6. Medianav will start with interface from RENAULT.

ATTENTION: Don’t touch ever button “Virgin / Clear Virgin / ClrCnf. ” because is resetting your device.

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