DRIVING ECO 2 ACTIVATED ON on Medianav Evolution 9.x.x or MN3 1.x.xx.x

Driving eco² INFO

Depending on your equipment level, the menus can
be used to monitor your fuel consumption. From
the main screen select “Driving eco²” to access the
following information:
“Trip report”, “Eco scoring”, “Eco coaching”,“TRIP REPORT”

You can view the data recorded for your last journey:
“Average Consumption”, “Average speed”, “Dist. without consumption”.

This menu gives you an overall mark out of 100.
The higher the score, the better your eco-driving
– Average acceleration performance;
– Average gear change performance;
– Average braking anticipation performance.

This menu assesses your driving style and gives
you the best possible advice to optimise your fuel


If the is equipped with this feature, “4×4
info” can be used to obtain the following information in real time:
– Wheel camber (drive) in degrees;
– Course, using a compass;
– Horizontal angle (pitch) in degrees.

4×4 & CLIMATRONIC INFOTAINMENT ACTIVATED ON on Medianav Evolution MN2 9.x.x or MN3 1.x.xx.x


The -Nav itself generally have some infotainments regarding the volume.

Exactly as in the volume phase, if you have automatic air system, when you are switching for positions or levels and infotainment it will appear on the upper part of media nav as you can see in the upper photo.

To activate this function, you need to do some steps:
First of all you need to enter to the secret menu MICON MANAGER and for this you need to follow the steps from article:

How to use Micom Manager MediaNav Evolution v8+v9+v10

After that, micom manager will run.

Now pay attention to everything that you are going to do:

1. Click on MICOM
2. In the lower part, look for the following AIR(REF 11), ECO (Ref 3), 4WD (10)
3. Press the buttons until it says that are activated


4. Turn off the ignition, remove the key and pull out the USB flash drive.
5. We wait 2-3 minutes and turn on the ignition.
6. Medianav will start with activated aha.

Do not change anything in this application anymore.
If you try to activate the rear view camera with the micom manager, you will remain without navigation!

and thats it. Now all the secret menu are alive. Just enjoy the functionalities !

and don’t forget to say thanks or if you having issues on some steps.

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