About AHA radio

The Media-Nav itself generally does not offer internet connectivity.  does not install a SIM card in the vehicle. You can get a little connection to the Internet via the Aha Radio app for Android and iOS.

You can listen to web radio and podcasts at Dacia via Aha. Aha also suggests restaurants or hotels near your location and displays the weather. When we tried to use the hotel search, Aha refused. Since the location services on the iPhone were supposedly not active. But that’s not true, GPS was activated and also approved for Aha.

The Aha app must be installed on the smartphone, the data caused by Aha flow via your smartphone and burden your mobile phone contract. You must also create a free user account with Aha.

As soon as you have fulfilled these two conditions and the smartphone is connected to the Media-Nav via Bluetooth, Aha appears in the Media-Nav as a selection point under “Media”.


To activate this function, you need to do some steps:
First of all you need to enter to the secret menu MICON MANAGER and for this you need to follow the steps from article:

How to use Micom Manager MediaNav Evolution v8+v9+v10

After that, micom manager will run.

Now pay attention to everything that you are going to do:

1. Click on MICOM TEST .
2. In the lower right corner, look for the following
AHA activated (Reference NR 4 from the upper article )
3. Press the button until is activated
4. Turn off the ignition, remove the key and pull out the USB flash drive.
5. We wait 2-3 minutes and turn on the ignition.
6. will start with activated aha.

Do not change anything in this application anymore.
If you try to activate the rear view camera with the , you will remain without navigation!

Now you just need to take the app for your android phone from the google market place:


and thats it. Now the AHA is alive. Just enjoy the functionalities !

and don’t forget to say thanks or if you having issues on some steps.

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