If you remember my article about Micom Manager from this link:

How to use Micom Manager MediaNav Evolution RENAULT – v4.x[MN1]+v9.x[MN2]+v1.0.15[MN3]+[MN4] DACIA -KWID – TRIBER

I came with an update about another interesting thing that you can do in hidden menus and today is about  access the WinCE medianav.

Let’s start : 

STEP 1 – Preparing the files ini on the USB formatted FAT32

  • Format a USB stick like “FAT32”
  • Open the USB stick
  • Extract them (not open directly) and copy directly in the main folder.

The structured files should be like this:

  1. software version 1.x.x-4.x.x: mcmtest_activate.ini (menu Micom+ WinCE)
  2. MN2 software version 5.x.x – 8.x.x: mcmtest_activate.ini ( menu Micom+ WinCE ), mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini MENU MICOM)
  3. MN2 from software version 9.x.x: mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini (Micom + WinCE), mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini (only MICOM)
  4. MN3 from software version 1.0.xx.x: mcmtest_activate.ini ( complete menu MICOM )
  5. MN4 from software version version 6.0.x.x.xxxx mcmtest_activate.ini ( complete menu MICOM )
  6. QWID mcmtest_activate.ini, mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini, mcmtest_activate_4medianav.ini ( complete menu MICOM )
Load the USB stick in the main slot from Media Nav
Press OK to “No media file found in USB”

STEP 2 – Go to page system version and push the 5 points in correct sequence


Startup the navigation Contact, turn on, volume +, volume – and click empty USB for MEDIANAV or

START THE NAVI + go to Go to Settings
Go to Settings → System → System Version [PAGE 2]) for MEDIANAV EVOLUTION
  • Now you need to press in sequence bellow 1-5 areas
dacia renault points of touch for micommanager activation
Dacia Renault points of touch for micom manager on MEDIANAV EVOLUTION MN2 9.1.x and also for MN1 4.1.X

The sequence of codes to use for which this will be:

STEP 3. DETAILED CODES for entering in WINCE6

ENTERING the 2 codes from bellow

For MN1 version 4.x.x:

  •  Type 8005
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 0362
  •  Press OK

For version 5.x.x -8.x.x:

  •  Type 0362
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 6971
  •  Press OK

For version 9.x.x

The WinCE Desktop access codes for the versions 9.1.1 and 9.1.3 are as follows:

  •  Type 2383
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 9065
  •  Press OK

Now the Windows Embedded CE 6 is ready to use:

From the “My device” icon we will get to this screen, which is essentially a file manager.


Don’t forget to say thanks in the comments and share with your friends the link!

In order to exit from WINCE6 you will need some tools that are available here in the pack of DMICOM + RESTART TOOL or you can try by pushing long the POWER [not works on all devices]

Setup is easy:

  • On the Formated USB stick like “FAT32” from STEP 1 [see the begining of the article]
  • Extract them (not open directly) and copy directly in the root folder to be accessed later on on WINCE 6 😉

or TRY the DBOOT way that is helping you also for restoring the STORAGES in 😉

USB files for restoring the MEDIA NAV STORAGE CARD & STORAGE CARD4

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11 Replies to “Access the WinCE 6 on MediaNav Dacia or Renault MN1 + MN2”

  1. Hello and thank you for your amazing work

    do you have any codes for the Version 1.0.XX.X (Linux)

    keep on hacking

  2. Hello,
    unfortunately in micomtest I pressed the button “clean virgin”, which caused me considerable problems. I managed to restore everything, now I have firmware version 4.1.0. However, I have only one problem. When I start, I always get the Win Ce 6 desktop. Don’t you know how to do it to start Medianav right away?

    1. Did you try to update to the official 4.1.0 by downgrading to 4.0.3 and then update again to 4.1.0 . I will search deeply for this setting and I’m coming back with the feedback.

  3. thanks a lot, You helped me more then any other Website … this is simple and easy to do… Again, thanks a lot

    with pleasure

  4. Hi
    Need download link dmicom_beta_1/bin/dmicom.exe unable to install link you send me i prefer this one dmicom_beta_1/bin/dmicom.exe

    1. I want clear unwanted software on triber,and restore cleaned factory settings please help.

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