If you remember my article about Micom Manager from this link:

How to use Micom Manager MediaNav Evolution v4.x[MN1]+v9.x[MN2]+v1.0.13[MN3]

I came with an update about another interesting thing that you can do in hidden menus and today is about how to access the WinCE .

Let’s start : 

After step 8. Once done, a new screen will appear, entitled “Test Mode”

The sequence of codes to use for which this will be:

For version 4.x.x:

  •  Type 8005
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 0362
  •  Press OK

For version 5.x.x -8.x.x:

  •  Type 0362
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 6971
  •  Press OK

For version 9.x.x

The WinCE Desktop access codes for the new versions 9.1.1 and 9.1.3 are as follows:

  •  Type 2383
  •  Press OK
  •  Delete with the right button
  •  Type 9065
  •  Press OK

Now the Windows Embedded 6 is ready to use:

From the “My device” icon we will get to this screen, which is essentially a file manager.

Important! Don’t forget to read about the steps 1-7 from the upper article:

  • Format a USB stick like “FAT32”
  • Open the USB stick
  • ✅DOWNLOAD ℹLINK HERE after BEER DONATION🍻 with password: 750078,
  • Extract them (not open directly) and copy directly in the root folder.

6 Replies to “Access the WinCE on MediaNav Dacia & Renault”

  1. Hello,
    unfortunately in micomtest I pressed the button “clean virgin”, which caused me considerable problems. I managed to restore everything, now I have firmware version 4.1.0. However, I have only one problem. When I start, I always get the Win Ce 6 desktop. Don’t you know how to do it to start Medianav right away?

    1. Did you try to update to the official 4.1.0 by downgrading to 4.0.3 and then update again to 4.1.0 . I will search deeply for this setting and I’m coming back with the feedback.

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