Maybe you already tried an improvement of the system from your normal Renault / Dacia sound system by activating the “BOSE” from Micon Manager as in the tutorial but if you don’t have also the physically installed hardware the difference is good but with a big limitation for your level sound.

So, if you don’t know already MediaNav is equipped with a DSP (Digita Signal Processor) – this is a special processor that processes signals, in our case, sound.

With it, you can both significantly improve the sound and make it intentionally bad.

At MediaNav, DSP works as part of the sound enhancement system of the French company . This company was founded in the late 90’s and is engaged in the development and implementation of sound quality improvement systems primarily for automotive systems.
Among other things, this system contains a built-in powerful multi-band parametric equalizer. And the settings of this equalizer can be changed!
We have not yet fully figured out how to configure it, but we are already able to make some changes.

PASSWORD: 594058

The archive contains several options for equalizer settings. They are installed as regular updates: copy upgrade.lgu to the root of the flash drive, paste it into the GU and agree to the update. After rebooting, you will be prompted to update again – this is normal, ignore it, remove the USB flash drive and that’s it. It appears because these updates do not change the version of the system.

The package contains the following configuration options:

  • Stock – Reset to factory settings for Renault Kaptur.
  • SoftBass is a medium balanced setting that will suit most. It has a nice soft bass.
  • BassAttack – tuning with more aggressive bass for fans to “rattled”.:)


Install only on firmware with player !!!! This is due to the fact that a bug in MicomManager.exe was fixed in this firmware which did not allow updating the equalizer settings. 

If you ignore this requirement, the update will simply completely turn off the equalizer and you will get a null sound or critical restarts that can be fixed a little bit hard (trust me, I’ve tried in 9.1.1 and I almost burn it :))).

PC Windows Part:

  • Click to download the archive.
  • Choose a template from that 3 versions STOCK,SOFT BASS or BASS ATACK that you like.
  • Unrar somewhere the template with software “WinRAR/WinZIP”.
    • in the folder you will find the:
      • #README.txt → you just read it 🙂
      • Some screens photos preview
      • upgrade.lgu” → copy this file with ctrl+c or by windows command: “copy”
  • Now you need a USB stick 2.0 or 3.0.
  • Format it by “FAT32”.
  • Paste directly on the main storage (in no folder) the file that you copied before: ” upgrade.lgu “, from the folder of the template.

Car NAVI Part:

  • Start the engine on.
  • Automatically the media nav starts, if not, just start by button the media nav.
  • Insert the USB stick in the input slot from media nav.
  • Push on “Update” the media nav when the automatic message is appearing and confirm
  • Wait for installing everything, the media nav restarts some times but don’t worry, there is no problem.
  • Wait until the final restart because it will take a little bit more to initialize the sound and everything is perfect after this.

Enjoy your new MEDIANAV SOUND .

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