Hello Everyone, again I’m coming after a lot of research with a special subject related the famous multiplexer, that can provide the informations related the ECO, 4×4, External Temperature on your medianav from the article:

Activation method for ECO, DRIVE & 4×4 on DACIA and RENAULT by MICOM MANAGER

The original multiplexer is looking like this→

but the price is very big and the way for provide it various from country to country…

and can be different version due to software version as bellow mentioned:

Part number/sw ver/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15
280384369R 04.25/1.8/1.3/1.1/0.5/1.3/1.4/ns/0.4/ns/0.4/ns/ns/0.7/1.5/1.1
280380001R 06.16/07.10/2.1/1.6/1.1/0.5/1.3/1.8/ns/ 0.4/1.0/0.4/ns/ns/1.0/1.7/1.4
280380655R07.00(87.00)Clio III
Espace IV
Fluence Megane Generation
Kangoo II
Laguna III
Meister III
Mégane III
Trafic II
Clio IV
Fluence Megane — Generation
Kangoo II
Laguna III
Logan Sandero II
Meister III
Megane III
Talisman x47
Verkehr III
Twingo III

That’s why I’m coming to you with another mega HOMEMADE solution that works for a lot of people from around the globe. Bellow you can watch to my setup (sorry for the right part COVID protection 🙂 )


Short description:

I assembled the circuit, compiled, and uploaded a sketch into the Arduino controller. I took the connection diagram and sketch from the above recording (Part 2), only instead of the 7805 stabilizers, I used a DC-DC buck regulator board (LM2576 LM2596S). I uploaded the sketch with the connector disconnected.
I connected the assembled circuit to the connector and the result is at it is in the movie :X:X Wonderfull :X :X.

Parts identification for the circuits

So we will start with some small electronic parts from china:

  1. ARDUINO Pro Micro board based on ATmega32U4.
  2. CAN interface boards MCP2515 x2
  3. Joom 3A Power Supply Step Down Module DC-DC 4V-35V To 1.23V-30V Voltage Regulator LM2596
  4. 3.3V Cjmcu Cp2102 Chip Usb To Ttl Serial Module Uart Stc
  5. LM7805 Voltage Regulator outputs +5 volts
  6. Male 2 connector to connect to the car or 24 pins male 0.7mm AUTO 1318917-1 1376103-1 Cables, Adapters & Sockets


Now the first step it was to consult the circuit schematics that can be the winner:

  2. 4×4 ECO ENG EXTERNAL TEMPERATURE MULTIPLEXER for RENAULT DACIA with LM7805 Voltage Regulator outputs +5 volts
  3. ECO ENG EXTERNAL TEMPERATURE MULTIPLEXER for RENAULT DACIA with voltage regulator LD1117-50 circuit
  4. DRIVING ECO 2 circuit [ask for the link details]

Programming the MINI ARDUINO PRO

At this step we need to programming the mini arduino with the favourite sketches and libraries:

Sketch versions available: ✅DOWNLOAD AFTER BEER DONATION🍻 9.99€
| password: 370950

We need :

  • Arduino IDE v1.8.5 software on your computer with standard settings
  • Then launch the program using the shortcut on the desktop and select the previously downloaded archive MCP2515_2.zip in the “Sketch / Connect library / Add.ZIP library …” menu. Make sure our library for MCP2515 has been added successfully
  • We connect our Driving Eco2 control unit to the computer via a micro USB cable and look in the Windows device manager on which port it settled. In my case, this is COM3.
  • Unpack the Driving_Eco_xx.zip archive into the folder of the same name anywhere on the disk and start the Driving_Eco_XX.ino sketch file inside. We will start the Arduino IDE program again in a window in which we will see the working code of the program of the day for our Duster.
  • We go to the menu “Tools / Get information about the board” and in the window that appears, we see its true name.
  • Go back to “Tools / Board: …” and select the board name from the previous screenshot from the list. In my case, this is the Arduino Leonardo.
  • Finally, everything is ready to upload our sketch to the Arduino of the Driving Eco2 block. Click on the round button with the arrow “Download” and patiently wait for the end of the process. Only after the bottom of the window appears the inscription “Download completed”, disconnect the unit from the computer. If the download fails, try again after reconnecting the MicroUSB.


At this step we need to test the schematic circuit with a breadboard test:



If you choose the Joom 3A Power Supply you will need before setting the OUTPUT of power source converting to ~ 4.8V. If it is too big be careful because you can burn everything!

If everything is correctly under the voltage we will see all the 3 or 4 (if you have also the Joom 3A Power Supply ) LEDs on!

Connecting the OUTPUT

Now you need to connect your custom ELM adapter to the connector of the car to the CAN2 bus in the following way (for this I used ordinary wires):

Standard pins in the OBDII socket:
PIN – Signal
1 – For use by manufacturer
2 – J1850 Bus+
3 – For use by manufacturer
4 – Body
weight 5 – Signal weight (GND)

6 – CAN High (J-2284)
7 – ISO 9141/ISO14230 Line K
8 – For use by manufacturer
9 – For use by the manufacturer
10 – J1850 Bus-
11 – For use by manufacturer
12 – For use by manufacturer
13 – For use by manufacturer

14 – CAN Low (J-2284)
15 – ISO 9141/ISO14230 Line L
16 – Power supply (+) (12V or 24V depending on the plug)

Standard our ELM327 interface in its plug has CAN output on lines:
6 – CAN_H (high)
14 – CAN_L (low)

To connect to the in Renault, Dacia you need to connect to the line CAN II Multimedia – (also called: Low Speed CAN) on pins:
13 – CAN_H (high)
12 – CAN_L (low)

So in our case we need to use ↓

  • Pins 4+5 → GROUND
  • Pin 16 to the → POWER ~7-14V
  • Pins 6,14 → as schematic requests for CAN 2 (see up ↑ )
  • Pins 12,13 → as schematic requests for CAN 1 (see up ↑ )

Or if you know that your car is presenting the 24 pins auto as Dacia DUSTER II has:

you can choose the directly config as this or a converter from based on the pins for 24 :

  • Pin 3 → +12V (Pin 16 from CAN2 for adapter)
  • Pin 12 → GROUND (Pins 4+5 from CAN2 for adapter)
  • Pin 15,16 → CAN 2 (Pins 12+13 from CAN2 for adapter)
  • Pin 17,18→ CAN 1 (Pins 14+6 from CAN2 for adapter)

Final results should look like this:

The results on MEDIANAV

Connected to the car. It really works! There are no delays in temperature updates and:

ECO 2 WORKS √ + External temperatures √ + Engine coolant temperatures √

Learn points:

→ At the moment, the adapter is working properly. It remains only to connect directly to the storage case lamp in order to free the connector or 24 pins or take power from the plus from the ignition. In order not to add an extra consumer while the car is idle (I repeat, there is always + ~12V power on OBD).

→ If you get an -40 degree it means that one of CAN interfaces boards MCP2515 is not connected well due to screws destroyed or something..

→ If you don’t get instantly the speed when you put the contant it means that the voltage is not correct of the circuit (4.8V should be!) or the sketch used is not properly added

→ If the power is not coming (the leds are not fully on) it means that the circuit is not correctly or you have some movements frm connectors.

→ If you have some facilities that is missing you need to be sure that you have the last sketch installed Medianav Ver 3 (Sketch versions available: ✅DOWNLOAD AFTER BEER DONATION🍻 9.99€ | password: 370950)

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16 Replies to “Multiplexer or BIC control units for DACIA RENAULT MEDIA NAV | ECO, 4×4 incline, Engine, and External Temperature”

  1. Hi, i follow all steps with a original renault multiplexer and conector, but was unsucessful. The data number on eco 2 still ZERO. I dont understand the conect pin 12 to 4+5 from OBD, because i will make a “jump” with a both GND. Please help.

    1. On Duster II i had original renault clio installed for 1 year continuous and no problem. On sandero the same so i don’t think this will be a problem. You can test on your car if the power will be switch off by closing the car when you are inside and wait 10 minutes for the led status

  2. Hello,
    I am considering a multiplexer for my MCV Stepway 2018. I found one online, that seems to be original, but 2 issues come to mind:
    1. I found at least 3 serial numbers for these multiplexers, even though they all look the same on the outside. I found 280380655R, 283467680R, 283468105R and there may be others. Do all of these work on my car ? (I don’t have a serial number for the one I want to buy, the picture is taken on the other side).

    Everybody talks about connecting it to the OBD connector in the glove box. You speak about freeing up the OBD connector and connecting it to the light inside the glove box, if I understood right. But that’s just for power. Doesn’t it still have to be connected to the OBD connector for the other functions? How does it communicate with the onboard computer to get and transmit all the data? (I apologize if I sound foolish, it’s not really my field of expertise).


    1. For MCV is working only by obd. On duster 2 is what i present on the article as an additional connection. About muptiplexer i think that all are working on all medianav versions.

      1. I got the multiplexer with the serial number 280380655R. However, I couldn’t find the 24-pin connector with the wires, so I will have to make my own.

        But looking at your pictures, I cannot figure out how to connect the 6 wires on the 24-pin connector on the multiplexer to the 16 pins on the OBD connector…

        Could you please send me a picture, maybe, or even a table, saying which pin goes where?

  3. Hello,
    I’m sorry to insist with this, but I hit a dead end. After extensive research, I found the following connection between pins: pins 3, 12, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the BIC are connected to the following pins of the OBD connector: 16, 5, 12, 13, 14 and 6. Is this right? It seems similar to your configuration…
    However, it doesn’t work. Also, I noticed that pins 12 and 13 on the multiplexer seem to communicate with each other (when checked with a measuring tool, there is a connection). Is this normal?
    Please help.
    Thank you.

      1. Well…in a way…I got the pins right, finally, after some search on the web, however it turns out that not every multiplexer works (at least not directly). As it happens, each has a specific script., and if the script is for Renault, it won’t work for Dacia. You need to use diagnostic tools to change the script…long story short it’s easier to get a Duster multiplexer the first time.

        The pin-out presented above is correct. It will work.

  4. Hello all,
    in Holland at various car-graveyards the BIC module is about 30 euro’s. For me it is not working yet as I bought one from a CLIO III (and I havea CLIO IV). So my tip is to make sure you buy one with the most recent software version.

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