As you already know on my blog you will find a great collection skins that are made for all medianav versions:

So if if you are tired of normal signal and battery icons and want to change them, just choose your favourite:

SIMPLE 2D BATTERY & SIGNAL ICONS → Link on donation for beers 🍻 5€
password: 291738
3D SIGNAL & BATERRY ICONS → Link on donation for beers 🍻 5€
password: 948597


PC Windows Part:

  • Click to download the archive with your favourite
  • Unrar somewhere the template with “WinRAR/WinZIP”.
    • in the folder you will find the:
      • #README.txt → you just read it 🙂
      • Some screens photos preview
      • upgrade.lgu” → copy this file with ctrl+c or by windows command: “copy”
  • Now you need a USB stick 2.0 or 3.0.
  • Format it by “FAT32”.
  • Paste directly on the main storage (in no folder) the file that you copied before: ” upgrade.lgu “, from the folder of the template.

Car NAVI Part:

  • Start the engine on.
  • Automatically the media nav starts, if not, just start by button the media nav.
  • Insert the USB stick in the input slot from media nav.
  • Push on “Update” the media nav when the automatic message is appearing.
  • Wait for installing everything, the media nav restarts some times but don’t worry, there is no problem.

Important things:

  • The language of the Media Navi is not modified
  • The update is clean, only images are modified
  • The software version of the media nav is not affected
  • Not recommended for versions bellow 6.x.x or upper 9.x.x

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