Did you know you can customize the look & feel of your / Media NAV system?
You can simply install the theme / skin you want using a USB stick and pick your own theme / skin from my site!
It takes around 2 minutes to install and you don’t need any software, just a USB drive!

Alienware blue Dacia RENAULT Media NAV EVO SKIN TEMPLATE
Alienware blue DACIA RENAULT Media NAV EVO – DONATE BEER 🍻 4.99€

It’s time for Alienware template which is transforming your Dacia and Renault Media Nav EVO into a brand new technological navigation with main colors: blue azure & black carbon effect with rectangle borders. The titles are white and together with the special icons, it gives you a new perspective of high tech.

Important things:

  • The language of the Media Navi is not modified
  • The pictures are only for preview
  • The update is clean, only images are modified
  • The software version of the media nav is not affected
  • Not recommended for versions bellow 9.x.x

For installing use this tutorial:

If you want another template customized please contact me at:

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