How to update the R-Link 2 Map?

You will need the R-Link 2 ToolBox (how to download it) on your computer.

Can I get a for R-Link 2?

At the launch of the R-Link 2, the user could download a new for a period of one year.

Since 1st January 2017, updates are for 3 years ! The vehicle must have been delivered after 1st January 2017.

What is the price of an upgrading R-Link 2 Map?

If you are no longer in the eligible period, it is possible to subscribe to the updates for 1 year for 89.90 € on the R-Link Store for European map. Normally this should give you right to 2 updates. But experience has shown us that Renault had certainly had difficulties in the beginning but we note in recent months a clear improvement on the subject!

But I have also the solution for the cheapest ones:

1) To complete each step, you need to place the contents of a file or folder on a USB flash drive in the R-LINK folder, insert the USB flash drive into USB-1, start the engine, turn on the radio.
2) The version of iGO must match the version of the installed R-Link 2.
3) All actions you perform at your own peril and risk!

Step 0: Check the version of the installed R-Link 2 software 

Turn on the radio, go to the “Menu”, then press “System”, the joystick to the right, select “System Information”. The installed version is indicated in the line “Software Release”:


We proceed to the following points if you have one of the following versions:,,,, 7.0.24.xxx,

If you have a different version installed, most likely nothing good will happen, at best the cards will not be installed, at worst – you will get a “brick”, ie. inoperative device.

Check the software version again!

Step 1: update iGO with the unblocked version for RLINK

Install the version corresponding to the version of the main software (see step 0):
mm2014_upgrade_igo_2.2.x_unblock or mm2014_upgrade_igo_3.3.x_unblock or mm2014_upgrade_igo_7.0.x_unblock or mm2014_upgrade_igo_8.0.x_unblock


Note: for version 7, you must also place the file “force_update.txt” in the “R-LINK” directory, otherwise you will not be prompted to update.

Note2: Like any official update of the R-LINK 2, installing one of these partitions will delete your address book and navigation history.

The installation steps

The installation steps in your car (with the engine running), plug in the USB stick, and after a few seconds, press Yes when the message asks you to install a software update.

After the update, the R-LINK 2 will restart and remain on a black screen for 1 to 2 minutes. Don’t panic, this is completely normal and wait for the R-LINK 2 interface to reappear.

It’s possible that the software update will be asked again, of course press No then disconnect and turn off the engine.

Congratulations, your R-LINK 2 is now unlocked and ready to install any custom package.

Note: If you update your R-LINK 2 to a new version, every time you will return to the original iGO partition. So you will have to repeat the operation by selecting the corresponding version.
Make sure that the version is present before updating your R-LINK 2 or you will no longer be able to use your custom maps.

You will then have to reinstall an official Renault map (only if you have installed a custom one) by downloading it from the official Renault tool: R-LINK2 Toolbox.

Step 2: Install the card / map

The map is good, there are roads, courtyard passages in Belarus, the search works in Russian up to the house. There are no building outlines, I suspect, for the sake of speed and the size of the map.


Overview of the tree structure and iGO files supported by R-LINK 2:

— building
—– (*.3dc, *.3dl)
— global_cfg
—– (global_cfg.zip)
— map
—– (*.fpa, *.fbl, *.fsp, *.hnr)
— phoneme
—– (*_vr.ph, *-Nuance.ph)
— poi
—– (*.poi, *_BaseExtended.poi, *_FuelType.poi)
— speedcam
—– (*.spc or *.txt)

—– (*.zip)
— dem
—– (*.dem)
— tmc
—– (*.tmc)

You can select the already prepared by zones from here:


RESTORE to the original IGO partition:

If for some reason in the future it will be necessary to restore the original contents of the iGO partition, use the following files (install the version corresponding to the version of the main software, see step 0):

mm2014_upgrade_igo_2.2.x_orig or
mm2014_upgrade_igo_3.3.x_orig or
mm2014_upgrade_igo_7.0.x_orig or


Frequently asked questions

Is the installation of my own map package dangerous for my R-LINK 2?

After several months of various and varied tests, the only very dangerous thing that will make navigation unusable is to delete or use an unreliable iGO configuration file (global_cfg.zip).
For the rest, adding and removing iGO content is not dangerous and a flashback is always possible by reinstalling a complete official Renault map.
It is recommended to keep an original R-LINK 2 fingerprint and to download official maps from R-LINK 2 Toolbox before starting to install custom maps.

I removed or installed a bad conf_global.zip and now the navigation of my R-LINK 2 is unusable, what can I do?

You have no choice, you will have to restore the /MAP partition of your R-LINK 2 to recover the ability to install maps.
Depending on the size of your screen, download the corresponding version below:
7″ => Not available at the moment
8.7″ => mapvui_map_32GB_NAND.zip
Create an R-LINK folder at the root of your key and drop the file mm2014_mapvui.lgu and the folder part0 inside it.
Make sure there are no other updates or maps in the R-LINK folder of your USB stick.
With the engine running or during a journey of at least 20 minutes, start the installation and wait until the R-LINK 2 interface returns. The update may give the impression that there is a freeze but this is not the case, wait patiently for the interface to return.
Finally, download and install the official Renault maps available from R-LINK 2 Toolbox. Navigation will reappear after the update (about 30 minutes)

Is it possible to install several SKUs from different projects?

No, it is imperative to always install one SKU project (which can contain several parts) at a time. If you install more than one SKU from different projects, you will get an error during installation.

I have installed a patched partition that doesn’t match my version of R-LINK 2, what should I do?

Simply reinstall the right partition patched over the wrong one.

I will take my vehicle to the dealership to update my R-LINK 2, do I have to do anything special if I have a custom map package installed?

Yes, before going to the dealership you will have to reinstall the official Renault maps available on R-LINK 2 Toolbox. If so, a green screen will appear in the navigation area. The update will restore the original partition and no maps will be recognized, which will cause the Renault technician to ask a few questions.

I have a subscription to Coyote or TomTom Traffic, is that a problem?

No, Coyote and TomTom Traffic will work normally after installing the custom map package. If you notice TomTom Traffic logo is not displayed, restart your R-LINK 2 by keeping the power button pressed. You can release the button when the screen turns black. Wait 1-2 minutes for the restart time.

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