Harmoniously integrated into the dashboard, R-LINK Evolution features a 7″ screen with touchscreen technology identical to tablets with tougher resistance for automotive use. 

Using the steering wheel controls, with one touch and an audible beep, you can use your voice to launch an itinerary to one of your favourite destinations. No need to wait for system voice to ask you a question!

Equipment, functionalities, services, updates, compatibility… Find all of the information relating to your R-LINK Evolution multimedia system. 

This update which concerns these 2 systems aims to correct the so-called WNRO bug (Week Number Roll Over). To make it simple: a counter to count the weeks in the GPS will arrive at the maximum beginning of April 2019 which will cause malfunctions in the system. This bug already happened the August 21st 1999. Moreover, for once, Renault communicates on the content of the update. This bug will affect the clock, the navigation and the connected services, in short many things!

How do I know my R-Link 1 software version?

For details, go to System Settings => Status and Information => Version Information.

The official SOFTWARE versions available for R-LINK1

Last Update R-LINK found: 11.346 → New functionalities

  • Timezones and daylight saving for several countries.
  • EV personal charging spots save
  • Phone contacts with no name or containing only Emojis will be displayed with phone number
Download the update after the 🍻 : version 11.346

How update my R-Link 1 software?


Software updates can be done either, I will introduce the procedure.

  • Eject the SD card correctly via the main screen, option (bottom right), Eject the SD card.
  • From a computer go to his account My Renault then the R-Link Store.
  • if you have not already done so, install the R-Link Toolbox. (see this page)
  • On the R-Link store go to the Updates section.
  • If an update exists then it will report, click Update.
  • Insert the SD card into the computer and start the R-Link Tool Box if it does not start automatically.
  • Click on Launch my downloads.

  • Once installed on the SD card, correctly eject the SD card from the computer as a USB stick.
  • Reconnect the SD card in the vehicle, normally a window should open to confirm the installation of the update.
  • It is advisable to make it motor turning with about twenty minutes.
  • The system will be able to restart several times or have black screens, so it is important not to turn the ignition off or remove the SD card until a message informs you that the update is complete.

Contact me if you need more support and don’t forget to say thanks in comments and share with your friends the link!

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