In order to find your version of RENAULT LINK You need to go to the system→ 2nd page→ System information:

Rlink System Info Version

Then follow the tables from bellow in order to get the idea of posibility of update:

What is the latest software version available for R-Link 2?
What is the latest software version available for R-Link v3 – R-Link v9?

Updates to the R-Link 2 have never been easy to follow. At first, only the garage could do updates, and then 2 years later the owners could start doing it on their own via the easy-connect.renault.com website.

GO to easy-connect.renault.com website for free updates!
How about find the VIN (vehicle identification number)

Generally, a system in a software branch (v2, v3, v7, v8, and V9) remained in its branch.

The shortest way to your R-LINK 2 from 2.2.X to is to download a preparied software. I did this and you will find the download link in the next tutorial


Renault has decided to change this and this is good news for users. Indeed it is now possible to switch from the v2 branch to the v7 branch! It is possible for the Megane IV, Kadjar, Talisman, and Espace V.

In concrete terms, people between versions v2.2.x.x.x (e. g. v2.2.17.803) will switch to version This version brings features such as Bluetooth enhancements, shortcuts on the top of the screen, and bug fixes.


To do this you must go to a Renault dealer. The update procedure for them seems slightly different to usual, it is necessary for the garage to consult the procedure in Actis solution n°49605. The update should not be free of charge. I also recommend going to a Renault dealer that has already encountered this case and not to a small garage.

What is on these big rlink version ?

First, we notice that the status bar at the very top of the screen has been modified. We thus find permanently on all screens the following shortcuts (from left to right):

  • The navigation map.
  • The screen of the radio or music.
  • The notifications
  • The screen for the Bluetooth phone.

This is a very good thing from an ergonomic point of view, we can move from one universe to another without having to constantly return to the home menu. By cons rectangular buttons give the impression of a debug mode that would have been forgotten, at least now we understand that they are clickable buttons (not obvious on the 2.2 and 3.3).

It will then be possible to activate Auto using the unofficial method described here:

However, as the Apple Carplay chip is missing, it will not be possible to activate it.

How to the R-Link 2 software?

At the beginning of R-Link 2 it was not possible to the system yourself. A visit to a garage was then mandatory.

Since 2018, it is possible for some versions to on their own. In the table above, you can see it with the column  software yourself?”.

  • Go to www.renault-multimedia.com
  • Click on your country
  • Click on the banner (or access via this link )
  • Enter your VIN (you will find it on your registration/registration card), it starts with VF1.
  • Download the ZIP file of more than 600 MB.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and put the “R-LINK” folder in the root of a FAT32 formatted USB key. In this R-LINK folder you have three files (The folder with the file is more than 1 GB): chain, mm2014_upgrade, mm2014_upgrade.lgu
  • Open the folder and check if the software has been correctly unzip. Should be like this:
  • Eject the key to your computer correctly.

Installation in the car

  • Go in your vehicle and start the engine (~10 minutes).
  • Insert the USB key
  • The system will now scan the USB key and verify the integrity of the files present on the key. The system will seem to be frozen for 2 minutes: no worries. Do not remove the key!
  • A message will eventually appear asking if you want to install the update. Click on YES
  • Now patience! The system will restart several times to install the update, obviously, we do not cut the engine and we do not remove the USB key!
  • Now patience! The system will restart several times to install the update, obviously, we do not cut the engine and we do not remove the USB key!
  • A pop-up will ask you to restart. Click on YES
  • Remove the USB key.
  • Check on the screen Menu / System / System Information (2nd page) that you have the correct version installed (for example
  • To check if you benefit from a map update, I advise you to reconnect the USB key to the vehicle and wait for 2 minutes.
  • Then connect the same key to your computer and open the R-Link 2 Toolbox and the R-Link Store to check for updates. If so, you can download them and install them in the car. Otherwise, you can always subscribe to a subscription to receive the latest cards via the R-Link Store!

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