From your R-LINK Evolution screen, find the applications installed on your Android 5 equipped authorised in driving mode by Google.

Take full advantage of navigation, message dictation and access to your favourite songs.


Your high quality cable accompanies you on your journeys so that your smartphone is at the heart of your experience.

Android Auto™ for R-LINK Evolution*

Activate your mobile data to fully benefit from the Android Auto™ experience.

This guide describes enable Android Auto functionality on the RLink version 1 of Renault cars.

Firstly you need to check if the verision of R-LINK 1 is not bellow of 11.346 .

How to check ? By following the article from bellow↓


So let’s start with the tool that can help us with the activation:

DDT4all is an open-source program with a friendly graphical interface. With this program and a CAN network with a cheap ELM327 interface, you can access various control devices and change parameters via the OBD interface. For example, functions can be unlocked that are actually withheld from other models (eg comfort indicators, permanent tacho lighting).  Using the application in nonexpert mode should not be harmful to your vehicle (leave the expert mode button released)
The author declines all responsibility for the bad use of this tool. You are the only responsible. This tool is mainly aimed at CAN ISO_TP network study.

 after BEER DONATION  for all the DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necesarry for USB ELM OBD SCANNER


The devices discussed in this manual, , and methods for working with them are not released by the car manufacturer.

The potentially unrestrained use can lead to work interruptions or failure, both individual units and components of the car, as well as the car as a whole, they can also be a reason to reduce the level of vehicle safety and reject the warranty service.

Anyone who chooses to do experiments on their car needs to understand all the risks and only take them on board.

I am not responsible for any damage caused to users of this manual and third parties.

And now if you are ok, we can start with basic changes that we will cover in this article:

Preliminary operations

What will we need, first of all?

  •  An OBD2 interface ( ELM327 V1.5 mandatory with PIC 18F25K80) compatible, whether it is USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can read about the versions here;
    • The correct driver for the interface in case of USB can be Prolific USB – SERIAL and can be download from the LINK
  •  A laptop PC with Windows (tested with 7 and 10);
  •  The DDT4ALL software, which you will find(version 5.3.5 updated to 20.01.2019 by Zmiterm) or the official owner Cedricp GitHub release DOWNLOAD LINK HERE for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necessary for USB ELM OBD SCANNER
  •  A minimum of  skills, otherwise it is better to leave it alone …

The connection scheme should be as CAN II so don’t forget to use this pin change:

Pin 6 ELM — Pin 13 OBD
Pin 14 ELM — Pin 12 OBD
Pin 4 ELM — Pin 4 OBD
Pin 5 ELM — Pin 5 OBD
Pin 16 ELM — Pin 16 OBD

NOW it’s time to start to activate some of main functionalities that depends of the version that you have for the R-LINK1


Then you can change the following settings:

  • SPVR IPHONE: Present
  • Android auto feature: Present
  • Mirrorlink: Present
  • SPVR with other phones: Present

The recording takes place about 10 seconds, which can be seen on the logs below.

After that, reboot the R-Link – 5 times click on the Home button.

The R-Link settings menu will feature appropriate Settings for Mirror Link and Android Auto.

Mirror Link and Android Auto available for R-LINK 1 EVOLUTION

Android Auto is not downloaded so easily with a playmarket for our country.

So download the file directly .apk from the enet or by here:

ECU activations by mobile apps – DDT4ALL MOBILE ECU TWEAKER + PyCLIP DACIA & RENAULT 2020 ECU — Lisandru Blog

To test the system, connect a compatible Android phone to the usb port of the car, launch Android Auto on the phone, after a few seconds, you should see the Android Auto icon at the bottom center of the RLink screen, touching it, you will need to activate Android Auto on the screen of your RLink.

And then Google Maps, music from a smartphone, contacts are available on R-Link.

First use of Android AUTO ?

– Download and install the “Android Auto™” application from the application download platform on your smartphone;

– connect your telephone to your multimedia system’s USB port;

– a window is displayed on your multimedia system screen;

– Accept the request by pressing the “Yes” button;

– press the 1 button on your vehicle’s multimedia system screen;

– a window is displayed on your multimedia system screen informing you that you need to accept the confidentiality clauses of the application on your smartphone in order to use the “Android Auto™” application;

– confirm by pressing “Accept” on your phone;

– press the 1 button on your vehicle’s multimedia system screen once more.

The application is launched on the multimedia system.

If the procedure described above fails, repeat the operation.

Note: the “Android Auto™” application will only operate if your smartphone is connected to your vehicle’s USB port.

For more guides access the link E-GUIDE.RENAULT.COM / R-LINK / Take your Multimedia in hand / Index

Important things that you need to know:

  • This doesn’t work on Apple or Windows Phone. Enabling SPVR functionality allows Siri to be summoned if the speak/reply button is left pressed on the satellite control. Apple Carplay is supported on RLink V2.
  • Android Auto can be set to automatically charge on your phone when it connects to the car’s Bluetooth. Likewise, Waze can be selected as the default browser in Android Auto.
  • Not all Android phones are supported. Check compatibility with Android Auto in case you encounter problems. See here: https://www.androidcentral.com/best-phone-use-android-auto
  • Android Auto integrates with the car microphone for voice searches if you leave the speak/answer button on the satellite control.
  • The RLink system is a not very powerful tablet, so it is somewhat slow in loading Android Auto and selecting options.
  • Waze sends voice prompts through the Bluetooth system so the radio, CD or AUX sound is temporarily interrupted. To resolve this, make Waze ring through the phone speaker.
  • There are some integration issues with the multimedia system. For example, when the radio is turned on and Waze gives the directions, it momentarily returns to a different station than it was, but after a moment it retrieves the correct one. To resolve this, make Waze ring through the phone speaker.
  • Waze uses the volume of the phone’s speaker. If the volume is low, make a speaker call and set it to maximum.
  • The best integration with music is with Google Maps or Waze but combined with music apps on the phone, so the music is not interrupted but its volume drops a little when there are voice prompts.
  • The usb port of the car delivers some charging power to the cell phone but it is not enough, so for long journeys, it is advisable to purchase a dual cable so that it is possible to connect to a charger of those that connect to the cigarette lighter for charging and the other tip goes to the USB port of the cart for the data. Something like this:

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