New and + it is finally here! Dacia officially reveals the first images of the new , Stepway and the new (which will not be marketed in western EUROPE countries like France, Germany, Italy).

The stylistic break announced is there, with a line that contrasts radically with the second generation of 2012 which, itself, already moved away from the first model appeared in 2008.

On the other hand, we cannot avoid seeing a very strong inspiration from the Clio 5 with which the new Sandero shares its technical base, the CMF-B platform.

Despite the lower rooflines, Dacia is unlikely to have compromised on the car’s traditional strength of space, so it’ll likely feel roomy inside.

In the meantime, we can notice some new features, such as the front and rear and side sensors which announce front / rear parking aids, but also the detection of blind spots as on the Duster 2 but also the detection of blind spots as on the Duster 2:

+ and also the rain sensors like on MEGANE II or DUSTER II 2018 for automatic wiping

Also on the program, the location for the unused moment in the shield grid which is intended to receive a distance radar which will be fitted to the car when automatic emergency braking is compulsory.


On the engine side, if Dacia does not give any details for the moment, we are able to announce the presence on the petrol side of the 1.0 SCe 75 at the entry level, of the 1.0 TCe 95 (in fact the current TCe 100 slightly modified in order to lower its emissions and meet Euro 6D standards) and of course ECO-G 100 LPG which will be the spearhead of this new version.

The new X-Tronic continuously variable automatic transmission will also be offered on the TCe 95 but unfortunately not on the ECO-G 100.

On the diesel side, the double Blue dCi 75/95 offer should disappear in favor of a single Blue dCi engine (85? 95? 100?) But we will know more in a few weeks.


We get a “spy” photo of the interior of the new Sandero 3 and Logan 3, obviously taken on a pre-production model given the “proto” plastics still present.

These image does not show the final quality of the materials, but this shot still allowed us to know a little more about the interior, and it is the revolution in design, for sure only if is official. We need to wait until 29 SEPT 2020 when Dacia will come with an official announcement about it.

At the first impression :

  • Duster-type aerators, make way for air vents that resemble those of the Duster 2 marketed in Latin America
  • The dashboard is taken from the Duster II and Clio V and therefore remains faithful to the handset, with the presence on the tall versions of an LCD screen in the middle
  • The handbrake is electric
  • The gear lever is taken from the Duster
  • We also note the GPS handset tablet is no longer the MediaNav but a new model close to the Renault EasyLink and this time it is placed at the right height as MERCEDES A CLASS.. or not 🙂
  • The steering wheel is taken from the current models and the Duster but the button layout is identical to that of the Clio 5, in particular for the regulator-limiter unit on the left and the OK button
  • Headlights and wipers are automatic like on some DUSTER II (only some cars from 2018 has the sensor for rain)
  • The seats are new and strongly resemble as on the Duster II
  • The finish and the perceived quality are increasing sharply

In short, a lot of new things will be to discover soon on the new models and it is really a great JOB from DACIA


Full details of the Sandero and Sandero Stepway range will be revealed online on September 29, and you can expect both cars to go on sale before the end of 2020. It isn’t certain whether Dacia will offer a similarly basic Sandero model as it did with the outgoing version, so the price of entry-level cars may rise from less than €9,000 to closer to €11,000. Stepway cars will likely cost from around €12,000.

We invite you to leave your questions and comments until then and I want to present you a prototype tuning design from the internet that is SAVAGE:

Feel free to share all the info’s and don’t forget to love your DACIA 😉

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