As you already read on the other article about all structure files of Medianav Navigation:

Primo versions prior to Nextgen use the written data and picture provided by Global_cfg to display “FLAGS, DA, and TMC”. All these pictures are in the “BMP” format.
Nextgen will only use the written data provided by Global_cfg.
The picture used by Nextgen is in the “SVG” format and is not in the Global_cfg.
Regarding the picture of “FLAGS”, Nextgen will use those found in the “data” of your installation.
The picture of “DA and TMC” are in the form of UX.

Presentation of the GLOBAL_CFG

This new concept of “Global_cfg_3D” allows the of a “3D” picture for Primo but also for Nextgen.

My peaceful place of ideas
My peaceful place of ideas

Also, you can have the links of best performances here:

  • Global_CFG 770881 [BEST 3D PERFORMANCE]
  • Global_CFG 659985
  • Global_CFG 759314
  • Global_CFG 765613
  • Global_CFG 766461
  • Global_CFG 767454
  • Global_CFG 770881

While using the same “Global_cfg.zip”.

With Nextgen, you must, of course, keep your UX DA and TMC, since the picture of this “Global_cfg_3D” will use the “codes” of these UX!

My peaceful place of ideas
TMC Version – | Password: 635701
My peaceful place of ideas
DA Version – | Password: 175200

Installation Steps

The installation is very easy and you need just to copy by WINCE6:

Medianav / upgrade / Storage card4 / NNG / content / global_cfg
 *global_cfg.zip with general informations about countries and maps.

If you don’t know how to copy them by WIN CE please read:

If you want something more easy please use the special tool as TOTAL COMMANDER:

Or contact me by telegram: Media Nav & DDT4ALL DACIA & RENAULT HACKS or by facebook: LISANDRUYBFor in order to guide you 😉

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