Even at the stage of search and selection of winter set of wheels and during the transition to the winter R16 there was information that the speed readings will be different when I will go to R17 SUMMER tires. But we have DACIA DUSTER, and even with electronic blocks from the Renault concern. We also know that speed readings are read from abs block sensors.


First of all you need to be careful with what tyre you try to put on your car and as a reference you can check on some websites which are the officially homologated tyres as bellow find:

EXAMPLE of Configurations for DUSTER II HJD DCI
Renault Duster 2020 – Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs – Wheel-Size.com (wheel-size.com)

Every country has the proper way, for example in EUROPE we have homologated only the 215/65 R16 and 215/60 R17 and that’s it because the differences are at minimum level :

use the site: Tire Size Comparison

Looking to compare tire sizes before you buy? Do you know the difference between a 215 and a 225? Well that depends on a few things. Metric tire sizes are a bit demanding when it comes to understanding what size they really are. Those numbers are only good with the other two.

But a 215/65 R16 is a 27″ tall tire and a 225/50R17 is a 25,9″ tall tire. Use a tire size comparison calculator to find all your tire comparison needs.

using these site: Tire Size Comparison

Their tire size comparison calculator takes two tire sizes and directly calculates the differences between the tire’s diameter, width, sidewall, circumference, and revolutions per mile. Just input any two tires, metric or standard, and click the button. Then as a bonus, it shows examples of your speedometer reading with the first tire, and the actual speed you’re traveling if you were to install the second tire. A very useful tool when searching for tires that are a different size than stock. Enjoy this page for all your tire size comparison needs.

Even if the differences are bigger I like the wider ones on the summer and I’m going on with them.

Now it’s time to get the real ROLLLING CIRCUMFERENCE of the tyres from bellow TABLE reference for 225/50 R17↓

SizesClassificationOverall Width (mm) + –Overall Diameter (mm)Loaded Radius (mm)Rolling Circumference + -2% (mm)Recommended Rim (Inch)
155/65 R13Passenger158531.724116224.5
155/80 R13Passenger155578.226217644.5
165/60 R14Passenger165553.625116885.0
165/65 R13Passenger170544.724716615.0
165/65 R14Passenger172570.125817395.0
165/70 R14Passenger169586.626617895.0
165/80 R13Passenger165594.226918124.5
175/65 R14Passenger174583.126417785.0
175/65 R15Passenger176608.527618565.0
175/70 R13Passenger177575.226117545.0
175/70 R14Passenger178600.627218325.0
185/60 R14Passenger188577.626217625.5
185/65 R14Passenger187596.127018185.5
185/65 R15Passenger186621.528118965.0
185/80 R14 C (185 R14 C)4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK188648.030019765.5
195/45 R16Passenger195581.927417786.5
195/50 R15Passenger201576.027317636.0
195/55 R15Passenger201595.528018186.0
195/55 R16Passenger203620.928118946.0
195/80 R14 C (195 R14 C)4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK198660.030620375.5
195/80 R15 C (195 R15 C)4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK196600.631321176.0
205/40 R17Passenger220595.827018177.5
205/45 R17Passenger206616.328818827.0
205/50 R15Passenger217586.027717936.5
205/50 R16Passenger212612.027718656.5
205/50 R17Passenger214636.829719496.5
205/55 R15Passenger217606.529918546.5
205/55 R16Passenger211631.933219376.5
205/55 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK210657.3
205/70 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK208668.031120406.0
205/75 R14 C4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK202600.630120475.5
205/75 R16 C4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK217731.030822306.0
205/80 R14 C (205 R14 C)4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK208685.931820926.0
205/80 R16 (205 R16)4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK203736.033222405.5
215/40 R17Passenger218603.828318457.5
215/45 R17Passenger212625.330219127.0
215/45 R18Passenger213650.731119857.0
215/50 R17Passenger226646.830119797.0
215/55 R16Passenger226642.929519617.0
215/55 R17Passenger226668.330820407.0
215/60 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK220689.8
215/65 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK215685.931220896.5
215/70 R15 C4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK218600.630120836.5
215/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK220707.432021596.5
215/75 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK216703.531821446.0
215/75 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK216703.531821446.0
215/80 R15 (215 R15)4×4|SUV|LT TRUCK216725.033322116.0
225/35 R19Passenger230640.131219648.0
225/40 R18Passenger225637.228819467.5
225/40 R19Passenger240662.630020218.0
225/45 R17Passenger227634.329419377.5
225/45 R18Passenger234659.731420167.5
225/45 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK230659.7
225/45 R19Passenger230685.17.5
225/50 R16Passenger230631.428019267.0
X 225/50 R17Passenger242656.830820107.5
225/50 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK230656.8
225/50 R18Passenger230682.2
225/55 R16Passenger230653.929619987.0
225/55 R17Passenger230680.030720727.0
225/55 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK233680.031320747.0
225/55 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK230704.7
225/65 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK226724.332722086.5
225/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK230721.4
225/75 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK223718.532521936
235/35 R19Passenger239647.130819828.0
235/40 R17Passenger246620.028118908.5
235/40 R18Passenger241645.230219688.5
235/40 R19Passenger242670.630320458.5
235/45 R17Passenger236643.329819628.0
235/45 R18Passenger238668.731120428.0
235/45 R19Passenger240694.1
235/50 R18Passenger240692.2
235/50 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK240692.2
235/55 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK240690.3
235/55 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK242719.032821937.5
235/55 R194×4|SUV|LT TRUCK240741.1
235/60 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK236688.431320987.0
235/60 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK240739.2
235/65 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK240737.333022517.0
235/65 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK240762.7
235/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK236736.033222457.0
235/75 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK235733.533222366.5
235/75 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK236733.533222366.5
235/85 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK241818.036924956.5
245/35 R18Passenger250628.7
245/35 R19Passenger252654.129619959.0
245/35 R20Passenger242679.530720728.5
245/40 R17Passenger248627.829319228.5
245/40 R18Passenger248653.230319958.5
245/40 R20Passenger250704.0
245/45 R17Passenger243652.330819928.0
245/45 R18Passenger243677.731220178.0
245/45 R19Passenger243703.131821448.0
245/65 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK250750.022887.0
245/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK250749.433922867.0
245/75 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK245748.533922847.0
245/75 R164X4|SUV|LT TRUCK250773.935023617.0
255/35 R18Passenger260635.729619409.0
255/35 R19Passenger255661.131220418.5
255/35 R20Passenger254686.531120949.0
255/40 R17Passenger255635.828819398.5
255/40 R18Passenger258664.031520098.5
255/40 R19Passenger260686.632121088.5
255/45 R18Passenger258686.731721078.5
255/50 R17Passenger255636.028819398.5
255/50 R194×4|SUV|LT TRUCK268737.633122638.0
255/50 R204×4|SUV|LT TRUCK258767.034123398.0
255/55 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK273737.733522308.0
255/60 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK260738.033022517.5
255/60 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK260766.034323367.5
255/65 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK260764.034523307.5
255/70 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK260739.033622547.5
255/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK260764.034523307.5
255/70 R204×4|SUV|LT TRUCK260890.5
265/35 R18Passenger271642.730119649.5
265/35 R19Passenger279668.131420419.0
265/35 R20Passenger270693.532521159.0
265/40 R17Passenger272644.029119649.5
265/40 R18Passenger284669.2310203110.0
265/50 R194×4|SUV|LT TRUCK270747.6
265/60 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK270777.035123708.0
265/65 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK267776.336523687.5
265/70 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK272752.034122978.0
265/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK272753.034122978.0
265/75 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK778.5
265/75 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK270804.036324527.5
27/8.50 R144×4|SUV|LT TRUCK218360.230520567.0
275/35 R19Passenger280675.1
275/40 R18Passenger272677.230620659.5
275/40 R19Passenger284702.632521569.5
275/40 R204×4|SUV|LT TRUCK273728.033222279.0
275/45 R18Passenger283704.732521619.5
275/45 R194×4|SUV|LT TRUCK273732.033122339.0
275/45 R204×4|SUV|LT TRUCK273755.5
275/55 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK284734.033222398.5
275/70 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK281792.035624168.0
285/30 R19Passenger278653.631020309.5
285/30 R20Passenger280679.0307207110.0
285/35 R18Passenger284656.730620199.5
285/35 R19Passenger290682.130319679.5
285/40 R19Passenger290710.6334217210.0
285/45 R194×4|SUV|LT TRUCK289739.133422579.5
285/50 R184×4|SUV|LT TRUCK297743.033622669.0
285/65 R174×4|SUV|LT TRUCK292802.336224468.5
285/75 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK289833.937225628.0
295/30 R19Passenger315659.6313204111.0
295/35 R18Passenger312663.7310202811.0
295/35 R20Passenger300714.5
30/9.50 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK753
305/30 R19Passenger322665.6315204511.0
305/30 R20Passenger320691.0
31/10.50 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK27878035323158.5
315/35 R204×4|SUV|LT TRUCK332728.5331221711.0
32/11.50 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK302788.436523929.0
33/12.50 R154×4|SUV|LT TRUCK329789.3376246310.0
7.50 R164×4|SUV|LT TRUCK220810.036324716L


 is an open-source program with a friendly graphical interface. With this program and a CAN network with a cheap ELM327 interface, you can access various control devices and change parameters via the OBD interface. For example, functions can be unlocked that are actually withheld from other models (eg comfort indicators, permanent tacho lighting).  Using the application in nonexpert mode should not be harmful to your vehicle (leave the expert mode button released)
More about it read on here:


Preliminary operations

What will we need, first of all?

  •  An OBD2 interface ( ELM327 V1.5 mandatory with PIC 18F25K80) compatible, whether it is USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can read about the versions here
    • The correct driver for the interface in case of can be Prolific USB – SERIAL and can be download from the LINK
  •  A laptop PC with Windows (tested with 7 and 10);
  •  The  software, which you will find(version 5.3.5 updated to 20.01.2019 by Zmiterm) or the official owner Cedricp GitHub release DOWNLOAD LINK HERE for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necessary for ELM OBD SCANNER
  •  A minimum of computer skills, otherwise it is better to leave it alone …

Once the program is downloaded we need to install it in our PC as we do for any software, then double click on the icon, click on the English language, click again on next, next, at this point we check the box “create an icon on the desktop and then on go ahead, and then install, then finish Now we can get familiar with trying to modify the various parameters in the “DEMO” version (so we will not change anything and we can do it even without attaching the OBD2 to the machine). Click on the icon that we find on the desktop after its installation. A white window will open that we will leave alone and shortly after another small window with the various connection selection options, we just click at the bottom and center of the box on the word “Demo” (Figure 1).

In the database we will find different types of control unit:

Now, we need to choose our Duster model car by:

  • X79 – Duster (which corresponds to the first model released, ergo from 201 to 2013);
  •  X79Ph2 – Duster Ph2 (relative to restyling, ie from 2014 to 2017);
  •  XJD – Duster II (current model, which is what we will be working on today).

Choose ABS-VDC ABS ESP – X10527998 Version 0.111- ECU Configuration or EXPERT/ 47 – EXPERT CONFIGURATION 1

In the ECU configuration section, we beat the size of the circumference length, choose expert mode, click consistently write circumference and Soft Reset.

INTERVIEWER: Response time instead of AUTO to 1000 change. The line at the bottom on the right of the program screen.

Then, you need to change the value of Tires real circumference (mm) to the desired (from the list below) and save it (write circumference). In the right column, the current value should be change as in my example 2010 .


At the end, press the yellow Soft Reset button in order to reset the abs ECU.

Thats it 😉

or you can try to change by ECU TWEAKER MOBILE EDITION FROM HERE if you already using it:

ECU activations by mobile apps – DDT4ALL MOBILE ECU TWEAKER + PyCLIP DACIA & RENAULT 2020 ECU — Lisandru Blog


The last step is to not forget to reset the TPW PRESSURE system if failed

YELLOW TPMS / TPW error wil arrive because of difference of tyres

This can be done from the WHEEL right buttons


TPMS / TPW TYRE PRESSURE RESET: with the ignition on (and the car not in motion), use arrows 2 and 3 on the steering wheel to move until you get to see the words “TPW RESET” in the CDB. At this point, press and hold button 3 on the steering wheel for more than 5 seconds until the blinking is disappearing. The yellow indicator from CDB will be erased after some time of running and everything will be ok.

BONUS → RESET SERVICE: with the ignition on (and the car not in motion), use the arrows 2 and 3 on the steering wheel to move until you get to see the words “Revision autonomy” in the CDB. At this point, press and hold one of the 2 buttons on the steering wheel (2 or 3) for more than 5 seconds. The range of km or days missing for maintenance will be displayed. Press and hold one of the 2 buttons on the steering wheel again for more than 5 seconds, the digits will start flashing, do not release the button and wait for the reset. Done! Turn off the ignition and turn on again. To turn on the ignition with the Keyless system, engage the gear and without touching the pedals press start.

ENJOY the article and I think is very helpful for you. Keep following good stuff and share with your friends this good informations !

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