Honda will be hoping to continue its recent momentum with the unveiling of a new Civic Hatchback Prototype at the 2016 Geneva motor show.

The concept is designed to preview the exterior design of an all-new Civic hatchback, scheduled for European launch in 2017 and replacing the current five-door model.

Honda has only released a shady image of the car’s rear end so far, but it’s clear from the picture that the five-door should look quite similar to the 2016 Civic Coupe Concept shown at last year’s New York auto show.

The look takes the Civic away from the Pythagorean spaceship look of the last two generations of Civic and closer to normality, though the finished form will undoubtedly be sleeker than the current car too.

At this stage it’s unclear what will become of the Civic Type R, or whether this nameplate will be transferred to the new car – by 2017, the current Type R will only have been on sale for two years.

Joining the new Civic hatchback at the Geneva show will be the new NSX. We’ve seen it so many times the basic form has already lost its impact, but Honda has finally confirmed that customer deliveries for the car will begin in 2016.

Other Hondas appearing at Geneva include the firm’s latest Clarity fuel cell vehicle (itself sharing some design cues with the new Civic) and a customised version of the Jazz supermini, called the Jazz ‘Keenlight’ concept.

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