Ferrari has unveiled its long-teased FF replacement in the form of the GTC4Lusso. Boasting 680bhp, four seats and for the first time, a four-wheel steering system, the new car should lift the FF’s abilities to even greater heights.

The aim of the new car is to make the GTC4Lusso even more capable than its predecessor on slippery surfaces – as well as increasing performance and retaining the usability that has seen FF customers drive 30 per cent further, on average, than other Ferrari owners.

A newly-patented 4RM-S (four-wheel drive and steering) setup is paired with Ferrari’s latest E-Diff and SCM-E dampers for greater predictability, control and security on snow, wet or low-grip roads – as well as harnessing the power and torque outputs of the Lusso’s naturally-aspirated 12-cylinder powerplant.

Peak power of 680bhp is developed at 8000rpm, while there’s 514lb ft of torque available at 5750rpm. By way of comparison, the old FF produced 651bhp and 504lb ft, so there have been gains across the board – and Ferrari says that 80 per cent of the engine’s torque is available from a more usable 1750rpm.

As well as the handling benefits of the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, the GTC4Lusso’s SCM-E dampers are also said to enhance the car’s abilities and ride quality on rough surfaces.

At a glance, styling changes are less apparent than the car’s mechanical upgrades, with the same shooting-brake proportions and aggressive features.

The shape does look cleaner than before though, and those with trained eyes will spot the lower rear roofline – an aerodynamic and styling benefit that apparently retains suitable space for luggage and occupants.

Along the side, Ferrari has restyled the V12’s heat-extracting air vents, and there’s a distinct character line which makes the car look more athletic and less slab-sided than the FF.

The rear lights are also different. There’s a pair at each side for a start, while their style has a hint of the afterburner-look seen most recently on Ford’s GT supercar. The new units also have a pleasing degree of similarity to the rear tailpipes, which are mounted in a prominent diffuser. The effects are subtle, but the GTC4Lusso’s styling is undoubtedly an improvement on the FF.

There’s been similar attention paid to the cabin. New dashboard architecture, termed ‘Dual Cockpit’, aims to ‘enhance the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger’. To that end, whoever has called shotgun gets their own display, with its own functions to use and admire.

Ferrari’s latest infotainment platform uses a 10.25in capacitive display, but while the screen has grown the steering wheel has shrunk for a sportier feel.

The new Ferrari GTC4Lusso – its name referencing some of Ferrari’s most celebrated past GTs – makes its official debut at the Geneva motor show in March. You can keep up with all the latest Geneva news on our show hub page.

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