is an open-source program with a friendly graphical interface. With this program and a CAN network with a cheap ELM327 interface, you can access various control devices and change parameters via the OBD interface. For example, functions can be unlocked that are actually withheld from other models (eg comfort indicators, permanent tacho lighting).  Using the application in nonexpert mode should not be harmful to vehicle (leave the expert mode button released)
The author declines all responsibility for the bad use of this tool. You are the only responsible. This tool is mainly aimed at CAN ISO_TP network study.

 after BEER DONATION  for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necesarry for USB ELM OBD SCANNER


The devices discussed in this manual, software, and methods for working with them are not released by the car manufacturer.

The potentially unrestrained use can lead to work interruptions or failure, both individual units and components of the car, as well as the car as a whole, they can also be a reason to reduce the level of vehicle safety and reject the warranty service.

Anyone who chooses to do experiments on their car needs to understand all the risks and only take them on board.

I am not responsible for any damage caused to users of this manual and third parties.

And now if you are ok, we can start with basic changes that we will cover in this article:

Preliminary operations

What will we need, first of all?

  •  An OBD2 interface ( ELM327 V1.5 mandatory with PIC 18F25K80) compatible, whether it is USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can read about the versions here;
    • The correct driver for the interface in case of USB can be Prolific USB – SERIAL and can be download from the LINK
  •  A laptop PC with Windows (tested with 7 and 10);
  •  The DDT4ALL software, which you will find(version 5.3.5 updated to 20.01.2019 by Zmiterm) or the official owner Cedricp GitHub release DOWNLOAD LINK HERE for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necessary for USB ELM OBD SCANNER
  •  A minimum of computer skills, otherwise it is better to leave it alone …

The main problem with the setup is to remember which blocks and which variables the changes were made. Let me remind you this photo of my Fluence and my base. 


So, I’m talking about my changes and if anyone decides to do the same, you do it at your own peril and risk.
Further information in the form of a photo …
1. Polite (impulse) turn signals – (without fixation) movement of the turn signal lever – triple blinking of lamps. TPULSE_CF parameter.


To activate the TPULSE_CF parameter in the (WRITE) column, you need to change its value to “true”, then activate the expert mode (it blocks writing to memory inadvertently) and press the send button for the “Send” command. All – polite turn signals are activated.

2. South-north zone, the sensitivity of the light sensor, lead home.


Follow_Me_Home_CF – turn on the dipped headlights for 30-120 seconds after closing the car – after stopping the engine, pull the light control towards you (including the main one), adjust the glow time by moving the lever towards yourself 30-60-120.
Light_Sensor_CF – Sensitivity of the light sensor SOUTH / NORTH
Auto_Light_Sensitivity_CF – Sensitivity of the light sensor HIGH / LOW
SCANDINAVIAN_RUNNING LIGHT – Auto-dipped beam and dimensions with the establishment of a car.
Follow_Me_Home_CF – was activated when buying a car, Light_Sensor_CF – was South, changed to North, Auto_Light_Sensitivity_CF – was Low became High, SCANDINAVIAN_RUNNING LIGHT – did not activate.

3. Linear indication of tank level on the panel.

Increments of 7 liters RENAULT FLUENCE DDT4ALL

Changes in increments of 7 liters start. Do not forget to save changes by turning on Expert Mode and pressing buttons 1 and 2

4. Time and temperature display overboard.
In the photo, the result is a clock in the 24-hour format and temperature output overboard.

To activate the clock on the dashboard in expert mode, change the “Presence Clock” parameter to “Display time in 24h format” and press the button to the right of the parameter. To activate the outdoor temperature sensor in expert mode, change the value of the parameter “Presence Temp_Ext” to “Avec Temp_Ext” and press the button to the right of the parameter.
Unfortunately, I don’t remember whether it is necessary to additionally save the data – check the presence of a button at the very bottom of the page of a similar button from the previous paragraph.

I’ll add – an interesting thing – at a temperature of up to +4 degrees Celsius, the degree icon and the letter C blinks, when exceeded, it burns constantly. It looks like a warning about ice.

If you want to explore more please take a look also at

Most control units must be reset after parameter changes by means of a software or hardware reset for the changes to take effect. You should then read the fault memory of all ECUs, as it can lead to error entries when certain data in the CAN bus are unavailable while the controller reboots.
This can be done with the “Read DTC” button (orange heart) and then clear the errors with “Clear ALL DTC”. You have to do it separately for each controller:
I hope that you like our little hacks and if you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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  1. Hi, great post thank you. I have a question. I have a Megane 3 and want to display external temperature on the instrument cluster. I went to the cluster and in the “Presence Temp_Ext” section it has a RED highlight saying NO DATA. I’m concerned if I try to enable it and if it doesnt work will it mess up something? is there a way to undo it if that happens?

    1. If no data is somewhere it means that you don’t have the daca or the ecu is incorrect. Try X38 – fluence → TDB → CLUSTER choose one by one if you don’t know what is it yours and you should have “Presence Temp EXT” → AVEC Temp_EXT. You also need to be sure that you have the phisical sensor mounted somewhere 😉

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