R-LINK is great as it is but the engineering team of RENAULT has putted something very helpfull and very interactive for us like: ANDROID CAR PLAY, CAR SOUND ENGINE, RS PARAMETRAGE, and alot of complex functionalities.

So let’s start with the tool that can help us with the activation:

DDT4all is an open-source program with a friendly graphical interface. With this program and a CAN network with a cheap ELM327 interface, you can access various control devices and change parameters via the OBD interface. For example, functions can be unlocked that are actually withheld from other models (eg comfort indicators, permanent tacho lighting).  Using the application in nonexpert mode should not be harmful to your vehicle (leave the expert mode button released)
The author declines all responsibility for the bad use of this tool. You are the only responsible. This tool is mainly aimed at CAN ISO_TP network study.

 after BEER DONATION  for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necesarry for USB ELM OBD SCANNER


The devices discussed in this manual, software, and methods for working with them are not released by the car manufacturer.

The potentially unrestrained use can lead to work interruptions or failure, both individual units and components of the car, as well as the car as a whole, they can also be a reason to reduce the level of vehicle safety and reject the warranty service.

Anyone who chooses to do experiments on their car needs to understand all the risks and only take them on board.

I am not responsible for any damage caused to users of this manual and third parties.

And now if you are ok, we can start with basic changes that we will cover in this article:

Preliminary operations

What will we need, first of all?

  •  An OBD2 interface ( ELM327 V1.5 mandatory with PIC 18F25K80) compatible, whether it is USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can read about the versions here;
    • The correct driver for the interface in case of USB can be Prolific USB – SERIAL and can be download from the LINK
  •  A laptop PC with Windows (tested with 7 and 10);
  •  The DDT4ALL software, which you will find(version 5.3.5 updated to 20.01.2019 by Zmiterm) or the official owner Cedricp GitHub release DOWNLOAD LINK HERE for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necessary for USB ELM OBD SCANNER
  •  A minimum of computer skills, otherwise it is better to leave it alone …

NOW it’s time to start to activate some of main functionalities that depends of the version that you have for the R-LINK!


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto activation by ddt4all on Renault R Link 2 System

Then you can change the following settings:

  • SPVR: Present
  • Carplay: Authorized
  • AAP: Authorized
  • with AHA
  • with infotainment AND S&S
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto activation by ddt4all on Renault R Link 2 System

The main list functionalities explained are here:

  • SPVR for iPhone: Present (to use SIRI with a long press on the voice command button just in Bluetooth even if you do not have Carplay)
  • Android Auto feature: Present
  • Mirror Link feature: Not Present
  • MW activation: Not Present (if you want to disable these radio bands so that they do not appear anymore)
  • LW activation: Not Present (if you want to disable these radio bands so that they do not appear anymore)
  • SPVR for others Phones: Present (to get the Google Voice Assistant just in Bluetooth even without plugging in and running Android Auto).

2. VIDEO PLAY activation + restriction on the road out

VIDEO PLAY ON RUNNING ALL THE TIME activated by ddt4all on Renault R Link 2 System

You can also activate the INFOTAINMENT by permited the ionizer, clim display, rear clim, heated widescreen.


WELCOME IMAGE RLINK activated by ddt4all on Renault R Link 2 System


These app is amazing and due to some simple configuration from rlink the system audio is able to get you correlated with the torque some special sounds in the system. It is very funny and sounds amazing :X (Specially the old BEETLE)

ENGINE SOUND activated by ddt4all on Renault R Link 2 System
ENGINE SOUND activated by ddt4all on Renault R Link 2 System

Some usefull abreviations used in R-LINK 2

4WS – Four-wheel Steering
ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System
ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control
ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
ADP – Automatic Drive Positioner
AHL – Automatic Headlight Levelling
AMP – Amplifier
ANC – Automatic Noise Control
APB – Active Parking Brake
AWD – All Wheel Drive
A-IVI – Android-In Vehicle Infotainment
BCM – Body Control Module
BMS – Battery Management System
BSW – Blind Spot Warning
BVA – Boite de Vitesse Automatique
BVM – Boite de Vitesse Manuelle
CAN – Controller Area Network
DPF – Diesel Particle Filter
DSMU – Driver Seat Module
DW – Distance Warning
ECM – Electronic Control Module
EMS – Engine Management System
ESC – Electronic Stability Control
ESE – Enhanced Sound Engine
FCAM – Front Camera
FCW – Forward Collision Warning
GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite Systems
HFM – Hot-film Air-mass Sensor
HMD – Head Mounted Display
LBC – Lion Battery Control
LDCM – Left Door Control Module
LDW – Lane Departure Warning System
LHD – Left Hand Drive
LKA – Lane Keeping Assist
MIU – Main Instrument Unit
PEB – Power Electronic Box
RHD – Right Hand Drive
TCU – Telematic Control Unit
TDB – Tableau De Bord
TJA – Trafic Jam Assist
TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
TSR – Traffic Sign Recognition
UPA – Ultrasonic Parking Assistant
VSP – Virtual Sound Processor


RACE MODE MULTISENSE (WORKS ONLY ON with versions 7, 8, 9)

This is the most of the hidden functionalities because is activating like the STAGE 1 SPORT MODE for your RENAULT

It is assumed that your Multisense is already active, otherwise follow the other guide to activate it. After this activation you will lose the Eco mode but you can recreate it in the personal page setting it as if it were Eco. The dedicated key below the screen will have the same function as the standard Multisense key.

So let’s start with the activations:


The list will be continued and if you are interested about some special

The last step for each config window is to validate with the big yellow button: Write RadNav 2.0 config .

On the lower part you will see the frames of writing scroll. Once that’s good you can restart the Renault R-Link 2 with a long press on the power button of the R-Link 2 or by pressing the KEY OFF / ON RESET.

If you activate it on a Megane sedan, the photo of the Megane RS will appear on the multisense, on the contrary, your car will remain on the display. The word Eco remains on the dashboard when using the Race because the dedicated graphics are missing so it is not possible to see it written. Megane Sedan Megane Sporter Race mode greatly increases the response of the gas pedal and limits the intervention of the ESC to a minimum (it is not completely deactivated). It also unlocks some choices on the Multisense panel such as the responsiveness of the gas pedal and ESC control.

BE CAREFULL: Is forbidden to push the HARD RESET because is virginizing you RLINK.

How to repair R Link 2 with a black screen after HIGH MID or VIRGIN MODE button

Run one of appropriate command macro. You need the python 2.7.x installed and the pyren code unpacked to any folder. For running the macro you have no need to install any database.

  1. run the launcher _pyren_launcher.py
  1. choose COM port of your ELM or its IP address in case of WiFi
  2. press “Macro” button
  3. choose one of the next 4 files
  • rlink2-HIGH1-screen.cmd
  • rlink2-HIGH2-screen.cmd
  • rlink2-MID1-screen.cmd
  • rlink2-MID2-screen.cmd
  1. wait while the macro is executing.
13:712:CAN500# 1003
50 03
13:712:CAN500# # HIGH 1 768x1024
13:712:CAN500# 2E2303032802131303003C000004500014001E001E040011C5002C006967
6E 23
13:712:CAN500# wait 2
13:712:CAN500# # reload rlink2
13:712:CAN500# 1101
61 01
13:712:CAN500# exit
* error_frame      =  0
* error_bufferfull =  0
* error_question   =  0
* error_nodata     =  0
* error_timeout    =  0
* error_rx         =  0
* error_can        =  0
*       RESPONSE TIME (Average)
* response_time    =  0.000

pyren $ 

The r-link 2 should go to reboot in the end.

If you are lucky and chosen right macro file then you will see working screen else wait a minute and repeat the process with another macro file.

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