This video is about Tutorial | Activation

With this short video I’m going to show you how to easily activate the light on the , which is the ONLY Renault who doesn’t have it!

after BEER DONATION 🍻 for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necesarry for USB ELM OBD SCANNER

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watch ho to activate ANDROID AUTO and APPLE CARPLAY in the R-Link2 System: https://youtu.be/o6Uue6GMGjY

watch how to activate VIDEO IN MOTION with DDT4ALL in the R-Link2 system: https://youtu.be/PTHeO554tSU

Don’t forget to watch all DDT4ALL Tutorials Playlist (updated every week!) http://bit.ly/DDT4ALLTutorials

Here where to download the latest version of DDT4ALL (includes the database with ALL the ECUs): http://bit.ly/DDT4ALL

And here you can read about the OBD interface i use:

DDT4all – Powerfull software for secret functions on RENAULT/DACIA

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The DDT4ALL Tutorial Renault Megane was added by Michele Predieri with 32079 views and a number of 417 likes. You can read more about the video at: DDT4ALL Tutorial Cornering Lights Activation Renault Megane

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