In the following article, I will tell you about this amazing tool named and all the functions that can be unlocked or changed to ECUs. There will be a list of available articles updated every time when I discover something new. Until now we had:

This is constantly updated and supplemented.

First of all, it’s important to understand that DDT4all is a very powerful tool. This allows you to make changes that can not even make the Dacia or workshop. Of course, it is also possible that control units are rendered unusable in case of incorrect operation. So I can not guarantee. Everyone is responsible for his actions. Or, to quote Immanuel Kant: “Have courage to use your own mind.” And another tip: It has proven in the past to run screen recording software. So you can understand afterwards, what happened.

What is DDT4all?

DDT4all is an open-source program with a graphical interface. With this program and a suitable ELM OBD adapter you can access various control devices and change parameters via the OBD interface. For example, functions can be unlocked that are actually withheld from other models (eg comfort indicators, permanent tacho lighting). But also parameters regarding the TMPS can be changed, as well as the tire circumference (affects the speedometer).
Strictly speaking, DDT4all is an open-source replica of the DDT2000 software. Even the same ECUs (XML files) are used.

Requirements and installation

Prerequisite for the installation is a notebook with Windows XP or newer (a desktop works, of course, but for work on or in the car a notebook is more practical) and an ELM327 adapter with the firmware 1.5. This can be connected via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. Even a computer with Linux is possible, but this is not treated here.

To install DDT4all, you just have to load the appropriate installation package. The latest version can be downloaded here . Then we simply run the installation package and install the software. Afterward the ECUs have to be loaded. You can do that here . These are then unpacked into the following directory: C: \\ Program Files (x86) \ ddt4all.

after BEER DONATION 🍻 for all the DDT4ALL + DACIA database last tested + PYREN and driver necesarry for USB ELM OBD SCANNER

Use DDT4all


At the start, the system asks which adapter should be used and how it is connected. If it is a simple USB adapter, no further adjustments are necessary. In this case simply click on “connect ELM”. On the other hand, if you use a wireless LAN adapter, the IP address of the adapter must also be entered. Of course, computers and adapters must be in the same network.

If you have chosen the right adapter, you have to tick the box “I am aware that wrong usage can harm my car”. With a subsequent click on “Connect ELM” the software will be started.

The main window of DDT4all is clearly structured and clear. On the left are the available ECUs, on the right is the main screen. Various actions can be performed in the upper menu bar and the bottom left shows which mode you are currently in.


If you now want to read or change the values ​​of a control unit, this must first be selected. You can either search the CAN bus for available ECUs (symbol with the magnifying glass and the QR code) or you can select it yourself from the list. Then simply double-click on the corresponding screen in the lower left box and in the main screen the corresponding values ​​are displayed.

If you want to read about the owner of this powerfull tool please read:

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