Sometimes it happens that the life of the interior lights of our vehicle ends, other times we simply want to replace them with more performing ones: but the lights are not all the same (let’s not talk about Halogen or LED … that’s a different matter), to each function is linked to a model, a code.

Normally it is a data contained in the instruction booklet, but I wanted to build this summary table to make things easier for you. The light should guide you 🙂




or if you want to change only the bulbs , my recommendation for fog lights is OSRAM H16 COOL BLUE INTENSE

If you still need something powerful and you want something with ORIGINAL by Renault you just get parts with these codes: 261509314R – right + 261556200R – left

The compatibility of them are with:

Megane IV – all body versions
Scenic IV
Koleos II
Clio IV
Captur I ph2
Duster II

VALEO 261556200R & 261509314R RENAULT foglamp lights



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The first approved for headlamps, in which lamps with filament were previously provided, comes from Osram. The main advantages are up to twice as bright light and a lifespan up to five times longer.


According to the manufacturer, Osram lamps can replace conventional halogen lamps with a simple replacement of the bulb. This will bring previous H7 headlights up to the state of the art, it is said.

Can bus? No problem

With the now available road approval by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority for widely used models such as BMW 2 Series, Audi A3 and A4 or Ford Mondeo, many cars can now be converted on the road. Osram wants to “continuously expand” the offer through ongoing approval procedures with the necessary tests. Already today, the range also includes vehicles with CAN bus electrics, for such cars a corresponding ballast is supplied, which makes the new lamps for the control unit recognizable.

Osram advertises the light of the new “Night Breaker LED” as “up to three times brighter than the minimum legal requirements and comparable to daylight in color”. This is intended to provide better contrasts with a long range. The diode should last up to five times longer than the filament of a comparable halogen 7 lamp. The lamps are only permitted for right-hand traffic. Before travelling in countries with left-hand traffic, e.B. England, a conversion to halogen lamps is necessary.

For another general lights with cips behind you will need to change the protection covers with something like this:

Link for buying from aliexpress.com

Headlight Waterproof Cap Black Car Headlight Dust Protection Caps 2PCS 70mm Bulbs Headlight PVC Rubber Waterproof Dustproof Seal Cover Car

Dust cover for car headlights” The dust cover for headlights is made of high-quality rubber material, which has good abrasion and aging resistance as well as good elasticity and withstands minor collisions, ensuring excellent performance and durability.


Ultinon Pro6000 11972U6000X2 H7 for DUSTER 2

Ultinon Pro6000 Vehicle headlight lamp

Next-generation radiant white light

Enjoy a unique driving experience with The first LED retrofit lamp approved by Philips for roads in Germany. With up to 230% brighter light* and a daylight-like white beam, these LEDs illuminate everything clearly without blinding oncoming drivers.

The perfect blend of performance and durability

  • LED light with road approval
  • H7 LED
  • Up to 230% brighter light*
  • Automotive LEDs by Lumileds

LED retrofit lamps with road approval

In Philip’s vehicle lighting, we were the first in the world, starting in South Korea, to replace halogen lamps with road-approved LED retrofit lamps. Now you will receive this expertise with the Philips Ultinon Pro6000, which has been approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for selected vehicle models, also for German road traffic. Improve the light of your halogen headlights with our safety-tested and road-approved Philips Ultinon Pro6000 LED retrofit lamps for a stunning new look and an unparalleled driving experience. For more information, see www.philips.de/LED-Strassenzulassung

Up to 230% brighter light*

Driving in the dark is challenging, so you have to rely on your headlights. With a simple lamp change, your vehicle will soon have a completely new look. Improve your visibility at night and the brightness in your direct field of view so you can detect hazards early. The Philips Ultinon Pro6000 LED retrofit lamps feature our SafeBeam technology for up to 230%* improved visibility. The more you see, the faster you can react and the safer you are on the go. Don’t give the darkness a chance – choose Philips and keep control of your vehicle at night.

Experience improved visibility

Just as important as the brightness is the light distribution: a uniform, precise beam of light allows you to see and be seen better. Thanks to the perfect positioning of the LED chips on the Philips Ultinon Pro6000, the light is exactly where it is needed on the road without dazzling oncoming vehicles.


Philips H7 White Vision Ultra, 4200K, 12V, 55W, PX26D Osram H7 Cool Blue Intense, up to 20%, 12V, 55W

My recommendation for high beam lights:

H1 12V 55w P14.5s Osram Cool Blue Intense H1 Night Breaker Laser NEXT GENERATION +150%, 55W, 12V


2Pcs Led Dynamic Amber Side Marker Turn Signal Indicator Repeater Light For Dacia Logan II 2012 Sandero II 2012 Duster 2018


W16W or WY16W for signalisation on DUSTER II

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