In older cars, with , rubber seals around the windows and doors start to deteriorate. Often, the seal loosens and the air gets trapped inside. Slowly, the entire seal starts to unravel and hangs down by the corner. Sometimes, it breaks apart from the middle, giving your an untidy look. This causes noise, water, and dust to enter the car. This is probably the reason why you constantly feel a slight draft in your car and hear excessive noises.

But also the main car producers due to cost saving way, are cutting out some of them and the result is the same as upper presented on the cars.

Whoever’s head was breaking better to buy the seal for the doors. The choice is greater, but where this all attach is not clear. In the results I bought one, so it’s in the trunk for two months and drive.

Here I found the perfect scheme for attachment of the sealants with glue. Maybe someone will be interested :

Perfect fittment for sealants type with glue for your car
Type of sealants with glue for your car

I’ve also used a type B that is more or less as L-D or S-D for the protection of the compartment due to leakage water from raining or washing and sand particles. This helps also for the improvement of the engine sound a lot. The result is looking as:

Engine sealanat DUSTER II HJD

What do you think about it?? You have also ?

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