The Duster alloy wheels have a simple and clean line, in line with the spirit of the medium: sometimes we would like to be able to put something personalized, but not all models on the market can fit.


There are well-defined features: we don’t just know that they must be 16 inches, we also have to look at the number of holes, the width, the whole, the offset and the bore.

As for the number of holes, it is easy to see, must be 5: the interssed, that is, the distance between the opposite holes intended to accommodate the dice is 114.3 millimeters. These two measures are essential and must necessarily be the same as the originals.

The offset defines the position of the rim relative to the axis: it is very important and must be 50 mm. Excessive offset is likely to cause the rim to be connected to the inside of the axis as well as the braking system. An insufficient offset, on the other hand, is likely to cause the rim to contact the body.

The reaming corresponds to the center hole of the rim: it must be greater than or equal to the diameter of the hub. In case it is larger, you can use centering rings to avoid vibrations: for the Duster the minimum size is 66.1 mm.

The diameter as we said before is 16 inches, while the width is 6.5 inches.

For example the original iron stock rims have ET50 [without spacers]

in order to reduce the ET you can use some wheel spacers as bellow

For example the original iron stock rims have ET50 + 2x25mm spacers installed

Typically used to install larger wheel spacers are devices that fit over a vehicle’s holding bracket to create extra clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. In other words, wheel spacers increase the offset or the distance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly.

RIDE Wheels spacers with additional screws are looking like this
Dimensions: interior diameter- 66.1 mm | exterior diameter- 114,3 mm
length of screw- 40 mm | spacer width -25 mm | screw step: 1.5
with centering ring fits perfectly on my Duster

If you think that wheel spacers not safe you need to get out this idea because the wheel spacers are perfectly safe if installed properly and on the proper application. The most common cause for failures is not due to the actual wheel spacers but install issues; incorrect hub bore (wheel to spacer or spacer to hub), incorrect torque value on wheel bolts or lug nuts, etc.

So in order to be safe, the best way installation of these spacers it is:

  • Take out the rims
  • Clean and take out the drum with iron brush
  • Paint with special paint high degree protection only on external contact region
Take out the rim and clean the break the drum
  • Put just on the contact surface some copper grease in order to detach them later on

  • Put the spacer and the screws that comes from the producer
Wheel spacers copper grease for future detach. Bellow is is looking after 7k km:
Wheel spacer dismounted after some
  • Install the wheelspacer by respecting with the proper torque value on dinamo key bolts: 115 NM to maximmum 125NM.

Important: Do not use the normal key on the instalation process

  • Install the wheel with normal screws and respect the proper torque value on dinamo key bolts: 120 NM to maximmum 130NM.

The same steps you are doing for all the wheels 2 in back + 2 in front.

The result should be like this:

My Duster with break caliper painted in orange and +25mm spacers


Improvement of the visual design due to increasing of ET.

Improvement of stability: The wheel spacers are used to create a space for the wheels when turning. It enables the tires to move far apart thus distributing the weight equally among the four wheels when the car is moving. 6. Enhance appearance: The spacers boost the appearance of vehicle.

Improvement of the contact with the roads and improvement for the breaking.

I have noticed also a big difference in ride comfort because of them due to increasing stability mainly. They add more unsprung weight, albeit not a whole lot, to the hubs. Maybe it can affect the longevity of your wheel bearings, but is not a certitude a the moment.

Regarding the tyres recommended to be used:

Tire Rim PCD Vehicle's recommended cold tire inflation pressure. It is measured in bars or PSI (pounds per square inch).
215/65R16 98H6.5Jx16 ET505×114.32.2
215/60R17 96H6.5Jx17 ET505×114.32.2
Standard vehicle pressure and tyre size

Also please find bellow the best tires chart made by DACIA DUSTER TRAILS

Best tyres for your DACIA RENAULT DUSTER

For example, based on this chart I choose for the winter tyres the: BF Goodrich G-Force Winter 2215/65R16 that are the most efficiently on all terrains and also due to the good price. For example these costs: 60 euro and Pirelli Scorpion costs: 100 Euro per piece.

Tell me what do you think about the spacers. It is helping or not?

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  1. Good job. I look for spcers myself, but I don’t know if 25mm is not too much. Do you have any more pictures of Duster with aluminum rims with these spacers. I wonder if they protrude too much beyond the outline of the car.

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