The recently launched BMW 7 now has a prestigious flagship at the of the range: the M760Li xDrive V12 marks the debut of a very special V12 engine to provide stunning with exemplary refinement.
With TwinPower Turbo technology incorporated for the first time, this new M Performance engine produces 600hp and 800Nm of torque. It’s harnessed by a highly sophisticated chassis specifically tailored to the model, and deployed to the road via BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system with a rear-bias for more dynamic handling.
The new model is instantly recognisable thanks to the M Performance body enhancements, specific trim details and unique 20-inch alloy wheels. An active quad exit exhaust system ensures that, when desired, the presence of the new M760Li xDrive V12 can be heard as well as seen.
Inside, the M760Li xDrive V12 retains the luxurious ambience of the new BMW 7 Series, but adds sporting elements such as the M Performance steering wheel and illuminated V12 logo and exclusive M pedals. Naturally, the specification of the car is extremely high, with a long of comfort, convenience, safety and dynamic driving features.

Model Power
0 – 62mph
Top Speed
Emissions g/km
M760Li xDrive V12 600 800 3.9 155* 22.4 294

Powertrain: The allure of a V12
The 12-cylinder engine layout traditionally enjoys an exclusive status above all others, and in the new M760Li xDrive V12 provides a superb blend of performance and refinement. The 6,592cc M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder engine develops an output of 600hp at 5,500rpm and generates its peak torque of 800Nm from as low down as 1,500rpm.This enables the car to accelerate from zero to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds and on to a governed top speed of 155mph. It now also links up with the Auto Start-Stop function, which is just one measure that contributes to an impressive official combined fuel consumption figure of 22.4mpg and CO2 emissions of 294g/km.
For the construction of the all-aluminium block, BMW engineers focused on maximising rigidity while also minimising weight. Using a closed-deck structure, combined with bolts holding the cylinder head down on the floor plate of the crankcase, has ensured the stability of the cylinder liners. Double bolts on the main bearings, with an additional connection to the side panels through threaded support bushes and bolts, reduce the influence of lateral forces from the crankdrive on the crankcase. Further components that serve to reduce vibrations and noise to an absolute minimum are iron-coated aluminium pistons; forged connecting rods assembled using the cracking process, and likewise, a forged crankshaft.

Under an engine cover bearing “M Performance” lettering are two mono-scroll turbochargers, located – thanks to the small 60-degree cylinder angle – in a compact arrangement on the outside of the two rows of cylinders. Each turbocharger supplies six cylinders with compressed air. Their positioning allows for short, straight and therefore flow-efficient pipe connections between the exhaust system and the turbochargers. A sophisticated indirect intercooler, minimising the overall volume of air required and reducing lag, cools the air from each turbocharger. An additional water pump feeds the separate coolant circuit required for this purpose, whose air-to-water heat exchangers are positioned directly on the intake manifold.

The M Performance 12-cylinder engine also features, in customary BMW fashion, Double-VANOS continuously variable camshaft timing. This allows the engine to run under part loads with a high level of residual gas and reduced throttle losses, maximising fuel efficiency. Double-VANOS also contributes to the engine’s rapid responses.
Another optimisation with the new engine is the oil supply system. Its volume flow-controlled pump operates only when required and is therefore extremely efficient.

An eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission is fitted as standard in the new M760Li xDrive V12. M Performance-specific tuning of the shift programs delivers sportier gear changes and more instantaneous downshifts throughout the rev range, Control function is also included. The transmission can also be operated via the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel: in manual mode the transmission holds the selected gear even when the engine hits the rev limiter. At the same time, its compact construction, low weight, optimised efficiency and flawless interaction with the Auto Start-Stop function allows it to play a significant role in reducing fuel consumptions and emissions.

Read more at: http://motoringdreams.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-new-bmw-m760li-xdrive-v12.html

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