BMW’s M4 GTS will be produced in extremely limited numbers, with just with just 700 examples.

First shown as a concept earlier this year, the car is based on the regular M4, but utilises a more powerful version its 3-litre twin-turbo S55 straight six motor. This is in thanks to the GTS taking advantage of the water-injection system used in the M4 Moto GP safety car. It brings with it a 68bhp and 36lb ft of torque increase in power over the standard M4.

It works by lowering air intake temperature, which not only reduces the chances of engine ‘knock’ but also allows the turbocharged motor to run higher boost levels.

The results are 493bhp produced at 6250rpm and 442lb ft available from 4000-5500rpm. The M4 GTS’s 0-62mph time is a claimed 3.8-seconds with BMW saying it will run out to an 189.5mph maximum. A titanium sports exhaust system is also fitted as standard. Unlike the standard M4, the GTS will only be offered with BMW’s seven-speed M double-clutch gearbox combined with the company’s active M Differential.

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Like the M4, the new GTS’s chassis is equipped with aluminium control arms, wheel carriers and subframes front and rear, but the new track orientated models also features three-way M coilover dampers that allow for manual adjustment of both compression and rebound. The anti-roll bars and support mounts have also been modified to make the most of the GTS’s adjustable chassis, while the DSC and ABS systems are reconfigured, too.

It’s not only the dampers that have been upgraded, for BMW’s M engineers have also uprated the M4 GTS’s steering torque curve to improve feel. There are also asymmetric support mounts and a motorsport derived, custom-designed, milled swivel bearing.

To make the most of the revised chassis the M4 GTS runs a 19-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear, wearing a 265/35R Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre on the front, with the same tyre but measuring 285/30 on the rear. Carbon fibre brakes are standard.

Weight saving dictates the look of the M4 GTS as much as the aerodynamic needs. The front bonnet is manufactured from carbon fibre (25 per cent lighter than the aluminium equivalent) and is painted in the car’s body colour (black, white or matt grey), and features a large air outtake between the shut line and the M4’s regular bonnet power dome. Not only does this accelerate airflow through the engine bay, but it also helps reduce lift in conjunction with the carbon fibre front splitter.

A carbon fibre roof, rear wing and diffuser also mark the GTS out from the regular M4, with discrete air gills all working in unison to optimise the car’s aero.

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