Finally learned to drive a ? Wow! We are very happy for you! Living with a is really more interesting. And to make your life with a easier, we will share with you 17 life for cars!

Supplies and tools:
• Isolon tubes;
• Slime;
• Plastic bag;
• Glass;
• Socks;
• Coca-Cola;
• Spray bottle;
• Wipes;
• Sponges;
• Drinking straws;
• Vacuum cleaner;
• Scraper;
• Jars from Pringles;
• Suction cups;
• Paper;
• Wooden clothespin;
• Aromatic oil;
• Balloon;
• Photo with a face;
• Rubber chicken;
• Rope;
• Paraffin candle;
• Foam rubber sponge;
• Grater;
• Toothpaste;
• Seatbelt;
• Toothbrush.

Tobu – Puzzle

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