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Lisandru | Ilie Alexandru

Hello everyone,
I am Ilie Alexandru aka Lisandru.

I was born in Slatina, a Romanian city on March 22, 1990. I spent my childhood in an apartment on Slatina, then I moved to a house on Slatioara (~7km far away from Slatina) for a while with my family. I attended High School in Nicolae Titulescu with Math and Info profile. I graduate Electronics at the University of Pitesti, where also I leaved for 3 years and be part of some student ONG’s .

Between 2008 and 2013, I create and managed some local shop magazines websites, personal blogs & others website projects. In much part of the time I was an Freelancer and an Web-designer.

In 2013 I leaved Pitesti for Slatina in Romania together with my wife, because we got married and I was hired at Pirelli Tyres Romania as an Industrial Engineer Specialist.

I like to travel around the world and to see different people cultures. I am very happy when I practice sports like: cycling, dragon boat, swimming, gym and running but in the same time I enjoy the time that I spent on my computer where I work on my blog, I play the newest and best games, I edit some videos, photos or I just see good movie or listen a good music.

For the moment I think it’s enough about me. Soon will be more info’s.

You can check also My PC Configuration if you are interested.