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Best of 90’s music remixes ever

Fifteen years have passed since the decade ended: more than enough time to filter out all the stuff that was actually a bit crap all along  and appreciate all the great and diverse stuff that the 90’s produced. … Read the rest

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Two Feet – Love is a Bitch

Two Feet’s musical career is still in its nascent stages, but has swiftly begun to burgeon. Though less than a year has passed since the budding artist first broke onto the scene by signing with Majestic Casual, he’s managed to etch a name for himself through his astute fusion of jazz and blues with laid-back downtempo and glitch hop.For his newest release, Two Feet has put forth a two track offering which remains true to his signature guitar-laden, vocal-heavy brand of electronic music. The A-side, “Love is a Bitch,” plays as an operatic jazz piece